World-class on-site advanced data recovery training from DDL – at your location

With on-site data recovery training from Dolphin Data Lab, it’s easy to ensure that your team has the right skills to maximize your data recovery success rate and minimize the cost of data loss.

If you are planning to set up one data center with advanced data recovery lab but lack of professional data recovery engineers, or if you’re seeking advanced data recovery training courses covering recovery training from all damaged data storage devices, or if you want to improve your existing data recovery teams’ skills and maximize their data recovery success rate,there’s no need to travel for the training you need. Our on-site data recovery training option brings world-class DDL training to your site or a convenient nearby location.

On-site data recovery training saves money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. You also enjoy greater flexibility and more control, factors that can provide stronger results.

Our private/on-site data recovery training offerings include:

1. Logical and Physical
2. Clean room; head and platter swaps
3. Flash recovery; Flash Drives, SSD, Jump Drives, Flash drive repair and PCB repair

The training for each stage is 5 days/40 hours.

You get the same top-quality education we offer in our own classrooms — at a much lower cost. Simply complete the following no-obligation form to get a quote:

Request on-site training in Portugal
or you can email to for more details.

Why choose on-site data recovery training?

More choice
You get the greatest data recovery course selection, with comprehensive data recovery courses to choose from, covering logical and physical data recovery, clean room data recovery, flash, SSD data recovery, jump drive, PCB repair, etc.
You choose the best time to learn for your team.

More control
You get the right fit, with courses delivered off-the-shelf or customized.
You control your costs; with pricing based on data recovery class size, duration and complexity.

More results
You get superior planning support, including online training paths to help design your training, and access to our data recovery professors who can answer your questions and help you achieve the highest value for your data recovery training dollars.
Your team gains the specific data recovery skills they need, reinforced via hands-on labs to maximize the learning experience.
You can tap serious DDL brainpower, through data recovery expert instructors who excel at delivering maximum skills in the allotted time.

Request on-site training in Portugal
or you can email to for more details.

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