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Dolphin team have created the latest software version 2.3 to work with DFL-URE, DFL-SRP and DFL PCIe data recovery hardware tools. All Dolphin users can download this software from the user-only forum here. What’s New in DFL-DDP data recovery tool Latest version: V2.3 190 repair manager which helps users to fix many 190 corrupted cases; […]

It is now possible for DFL users to unlock the WD SMR HDDs firmware area on the original PCB without special firmware unlock PCBs. The new solution for WD SMR HDD firmware unlock is available within DFL-WD hdd repair tool and to use this solution, users need to have DFL HDD ROM chip pin reader(Many […]

This is one patient WD SMR Charger HDD from one DFL user in China who has other data recovery tools but failed to get the lost data back due to the 190 loading issue. HDD ID: WD20SDRW-11VUUS0 Family: Charger 4 Heads Microcode: 6008J SPT: 1860 This DFL user contacted Dolphin team and bought DFL PCIe […]

Slow problem is very common firmware failure in western Digital hard drives, it is also the same situation for WD SMR hard drives. But please note: Slow issue can also be caused by physical weak head or weak platter surface. It’s not possible before to fix the SMR HDD slow issue by the traditional ‘slow […]

Here is one more successful data recovery case study for one DFL user in Italy. HDD ID: Model number-WD20EURX-64HYZY0 PCB: 1945 Family: DIABLO3S SPT: 1740 4 Heads HDD Failure Symptoms: Wrong SN number: WDC-ROM SN#XYZ— Capacity: 0 HDD repair tools and data recovery tools used in this case study: DFL-WD hdd repair tool DFL-DDP data […]