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Dolphin Spring Festival holiday is coming and it will last from Jan.21 2023 to Jan.27, 2023. During the holiday, the remote support is not available but all orders received will be arranged on Jan.28, 2023 and all emails will be checked regularly and Dolphin team will answer as soon as possible. Users can email to […]

This article lists all WD SMR HDD firmware repair and data recovery case studies and tips and users can learn a lot on how to recover lost data from WD SMR HDDs. What tools are used to repair and recover lost data from WD SMR HDDs? WD SMR HDD DATA RECOVERY SUCCESS RATE IS HIGHER […]

This is one successful Seagate HDD data recovery case study from one DFL user in India. Patient HDD failure symptoms: Capacity 0/wrongly detected; Partial sector access; Wrong data area/undetected data Patient HDD iD: Model number: ST2000LM009-1R9174 Firmware version: SED1 Capacity: 3907029168 (2T) SN: WDZYNVJ1 Seagate HDD Firmware and Data Recovery Steps: 01, Enter DFL Seagate […]

Raw recovery is very commonly used in all data recovery labs. In many data recovery cases, the faulty hard drives may have bad sectors, MFT corruption, scratches, etc and therefore, users can only recover the lost data by file types, that’s raw recovery. All the recovered files don’t have real names and they are recovered […]

Within the new DFL-DDP data recovery software, users can set sector mark easily for ‘all sectors 0’ areas. This feature is very helpful to get lost data from WD SMR hard drives. ‘All sectors 0’ failure has two situations: The 0 sectors have data and the 0 sectors don’t have data. It’s normal many sectors […]