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This is one successful Western Digital WD10EZRX-00L4HB0 hard drive data recovery case study for one DFL user in Indonesia.

Patient HDD ID:
PCB: 1945. Family: TRAILXLS. Microcode: 1005G

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:
Undetected hdd
Spin up and Down

HDD repair tool and data recovery equipment used in this case study:

DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

HDD repair and Data Recovery Steps

1, Connect patient hdd to DFL hdd repair hardware;
2, Power on and enter DFL-WD hdd repair software by kernel mode;
3, Backup ROM and Disable 02;
4, Firmware restart and re-enter the program to backup firmware modules;
5, One click to fix slow issue;
6, One click to fix 36 issue;
7, Enable 02 and firmware restart;
8, Enter DFL-DDP data recovery program and users could enter the file extraction interface and all lost data had been recovered successfully.

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As for data recovery from USB flash drives, there’re usually several types of data recovery cases including accidental format, deletion, slow recovery, bad sector data recovery, controller corruption repair and recovery, firmware corruption repair and recovery, etc.

We can also devide above cases into two types: chip-on usb flash recovery and chip-off usb flash recovery.

In this article, unstable USB flash drive data recovery(chip-on data recovery) will be focused. This kind of case is easy for all users but users need some professional data recovery hardware tools and adapters.

For unstable USB flash drives, users don’t need to solder chips off, don’t need to read chip data, analyse chip hex, restructure hex data, etc. Chip-off recovery is very difficult for many engineers specially for those who are new to data recovery field.

The following are usually data recovery solutions for USB flash drives:

1, common data recovery software for recovering accidental format, deletion;
2, data recovery hardware tools with features of software reset, hard reset, power reset, ready timeout control, etc, users can consider DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery hardware(two USB3.0 ports) or DFL-URE Plus data recovery hardware(One USB3.0 port and one NVME port), users can connect the unstable USB flash drives for direct disk imaging or file extraction; If users have other types of data recovery hardware with SATA/IDE ports, such as DFL-SRP or DFL PCIe data recovery hardware or other similar data recovery hardware, users just need to have one Universal SATA-USB Adapter Pro. so that users can connect unstable USB flash drives for disk imaging or file extraction. These tools can actually fix the chip-on recovery cases efficiently;
3, Special chip-off recovery tools are required when the usb flash drives are dead or suffering controller damage or firmware corruption.

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Dolphin team have worked hard to add the unique Seagate Rosewood EB01 Format Data Recovery Solution to DFL hdd repair and data recovery equipment.

For Seagate Rosewood EB01 HDD format, it causes data loss and most data sectors become 0000 and there were no data recovery solutions before.

After suffering the HDD format, users may get about 10GB data in the front or get no data at all.

With Dolphin Unique Seagate Rosewood EB01 HDD Format Data Recovery Solution, users can get lost data fully recovered.

DFL HDD Repair and Data Recovery Equipment required:

DFL-SRP Seagate HDD Repair Equipment
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Users will get the new upgrade software from the Dolphin user-only forum and all DFL users will be more and more successful.

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It’s now possible to unlock the firmware area for WD 2060-810035 SMR HDDs without special firmware unlock PCB if users have DFL-WD firmware repair tool.

DFL users can download the latest DFL all-in-one software V2.31 in the user-only forum to use the latest firmware unlock solution.

Firmware unlock steps:

Step 1: Remove original PCB;

Step 2: Read original ROM by HDD ROM Chip Pin reader, no need to solder rom chip off;

Step 3: Enter DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool, go to ROM Operations>Unlock ROM;

Step 4: Select original rom and the DFL WD program will automatically generate one unlock ROM;

Step 5: Write Unlock ROM by HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader, no need to solder rom chip off;

Step 6: Install original PCB to original HDD, users can connect original HDD to DFL-URE or DFL-UREP to backup module 190, repair 190 and then use auto loading tech. to image hdd or extract lost data directly.

In some WD SMR HDD cases, due to bad sectors, weak heads or surface issue, users may need to convert the USB interface to SATA to run disk image, users can use the WD SMR HDD data unlock SATA connectors.

Please note: Most WD SMR HDDs are supported to use the firmware unlock solution for data recovery purpose but there’re still few special ROM structures which are not yet supported.

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This is one successful hdd firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user from Malaysia. This WD patient HDD had both firmware failure and file system error.


Model number: WDC WD10TMVW-11ZSMS4
SN: WD-WXV1C5280965

HDD Failure Symptoms:

Not detected;
Folder empty;

HDD Repair and Data Recovery Equipment used in this case study:

DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps:

Enter DFL-WD HDD repair program by kernel mode;
Disable 02 and firmware restart;
One click to repair common slow issue and test other firmware modules;
Enable 02 and firmware restart;
Enter DFL-DDP data recovery equipment software and selected file extraction module;
Lost partitions and folders were listed but the folders were empty;
Right click the partition and click menu ‘Scan Files>Fast Scan’ and all the folders were listed and at this time, the folders were full of data;
The users selected all the wanted data and then started the file extraction and finally all the lost files were perfectly recovered.

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It’s possible to recover lost data from Western Digital SMR HDD suffering system accidental format by DFL-WD hdd repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery hardware tool.

For WD SMR HDD system format, it’s more complicated to get lost data back for data recovery engineers than traditional hdd format.

For system format of WD SMR HDD, except the new system data, all other data area become 0000 if users check the hdd by Hex tool. This is because WD SMR HDD system format will cause data-related firmware module change and in some cases, the data is permanently lost.

For data recovery engineers with DFL data recovery tools, they can fix some of these WD SMR HDD format cases with the following new firmware module solution:

Many DFL users have reported to us that they have fixed many WD SMR HDD cases from their competitors who failed to recover lost data with other data recovery tools.

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If users want to repair new Seagate hard drives firmware corruption or recover lost data from the new Seagate hard drives,  DFL Seagate hdd repair tool and DFL DDP data recovery tool are the best choices!

The following new families are properly supported:

Janus AF
Rosewood A5
Rosewood AE
Rosewood 8C
CheopsliteA 9B
CheopsliteA AD
CheopsliteA B2
Tatsu 97
M11 A1
Pharaoh Oasis 94
V9 A0
Cimarron B5
Other new LM, DM series…

Besides above new ones, the traditional Seagate F3 hard drives and old T> drives are also supported well for both firmware repair and data recovery.

Many new Seagate hard drives have SED lock and users cannot access the firmware area directly. Users need to use DFL Seagate HDD repair tool to unlock the firmware area first and then users can backup the firmware modules and repair damaged firmware.

With DFL Seagate HDD Repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery tool, users have the following solutions:

Repair capacity 0 Seagate HDDs;
Repair undetected Seagate HDDs;
Repair busy Seagate HDDs;
Unlock SED hdds;
Repair LED firmware corruption;
Edit head map in ROM;
One-click solution for many common firmware failures;
Partial sector access fix auto;
ROM module swap;
Head adaptive ROM generation;
Nohost ROM generation;
Firmware Unlock;
Seagate F3 Hot Swap;
LOD backup/write and write by COM;
SYS test;
NGlist editing/clearing;
Read/Edit/Write LBAs;
Repair by tracks;
HDD head flying height/ temperature adjustment;
Edit LBA;
Recover good data from good heads;
Image needed files only;
Source drive maximum data protection tech;
Image unstable drives and sectors;
Many more…

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Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest data recovery software V2.3 and this new software will help all DFL users repair firmware corruption and recover lost data from new Western Digital hard drives, for example the latest SMR hard drives with SED and MCU lock.

As for Western Digital hard drives, we have experienced the PCB series of 12XX, 14XX, 15XX, 16XX, 17XX, 18XX, 19xx, 800XX, 81XXX, etc.  All users need to check the PCB number of the WD drives and then users can easily judge if the WD drives are supported or not.

For old WD hard drives, the firmware area is not locked, users can easily access and backup the firmware modules, if not, users can load loaders to access the firmware; for some common hard drives, users can disable 02 or disable 411 to access the firmware area; but for new WD SMR hard drives, users need to use firmware unlock PCB or create unlock rom to unlock firmware area.

For new WD SMR hard drives, Dolphin data recovery tools have many unique and powerful hdd repair and data recovery solutions: to fix the SMR HDD slow firmware issue; to fix SMR HDD all sectors 0000 firmware issue; to fix SMR HDD inaccessible data area issue.

For WD hard drives, users have the following options of firmware repair and data recovery:

1, Firmware module read and write;
2, Edit firmware modules;
3, Re-generate firmware modules;
4, Re-generate ROM;
5, Fix Slow issue;
6, Edit head map in RAM;
7, Test and clear firmware module;
8, Convert LBA to CHS;
9, Extract firmware modules from tracks;
10, Backup firmware region and extract firmware modules from region;
11,  Change module size to read;
12, Change module location;
13, Bypass firmware read;
14, Disable module 02/411 to access firmware area;
15, Test heads quality;
16, etc;

More and more new WD hard drive data recovery cases are being fixed by Dolphin data recovery tools.


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To work with Dolphin DFL data recovery tools, it’s very necessary to set one target disk whenever users are trying to read from the original hard drives. DFL-DDP data recovery tool has one unique and very helpful disk imaging feature and that is to record all read operations to the target disk and all read sectors within the data drive will not be read for a second time.

So how to set a target disk smartly?

Users can image to drive: image data drive to target drive connected to DFL data recovery hardware, for example, image from SATA 0 to SATA 1, SATA 2, etc; image data drive to target drive such as external hard drives connected to pc; Image data drive to VHD/VHDX target disk.

Here Dolphin engineers strongly recommend to use VHD/VHDX as target drives. Users can connect one SATA hard drive with big capacity, such as 10TB to pc by the Universal USB to SATA adapter Pro., and then users can create multiple VHD or VHDX drives on this SATA HDD, next users can image different data drive to different VHD or VHDX drives. All these VHD(X) drives are independent from each other.

Why do we use SATA drive and the adapter, because SATA drives are much cheaper than external hard drives and the adapter helps to make the SATA drives portable easily.

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It is now possible for DFL users to unlock the WD SMR HDDs firmware area on the original PCB without special firmware unlock PCBs.

The new solution for WD SMR HDD firmware unlock is available within DFL-WD hdd repair tool and to use this solution, users need to have DFL HDD ROM chip pin reader(Many users have already had this one.) and the steps are as below:

1, Remove the original PCB from data drive;
2, Read the original ROM from original PCB by the HDD rom chip pin reader set without soldering rom chip off;
3, Generate firmware unlock ROM;
4, Write unlock rom to original PCB by the HDD rom chip pin reader set without soldering rom chip off;
5, Install the original PCB to data drive and users can see the firmware area is already unlocked successfully;
6, Users can use DFL-WD hdd repair tool to backup important firmware modules, specially the module 190, smrzone, T2data, etc;
7, Users can image the HDD or extract lost data directly if users have DFL-URE or DFL-UREP by using DFL latest T2 auto loading tech;
8, If the original PCB is physically damagaed but the Main chip and ROM chip are still good, users can use the special firmware unlock PCB and then move the original main chip to the firmware unlock SATA PCB and write original ROM to the firmware unlock PCB for disk imaging or file extraction;
9, In some cases, users need to repair the damaged firmware module 190 or repair the SMR HDD slow issue to continue for data recovery.

The WD SMR HDD firmware repair and data recovery solution is more and more complete and successful and DFL users will be able to fix more and more new data recovery cases.

Please note: the new solution supports 800066, 67, 69, 77, 11, etc but doesn’t support 810033 and 810035 which have quite different rom structure and algorithms. For WD 810033 and 810035, users still need to get the special firmware unlock PCBs for firmware unlock.

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