This section is for hdd repairing and data recovery from Western digital hard drives. The following are solutions, case studies, videos and real knowledge for Dolphin users and users can easily find the answers here when meeting problems in the daily jobs.

Video case studies on how to repair and recover Western Digital faulty hard drives?

00: Best Data Recovery Solution of WD SMR HDDs;

01, How to use WD HDD 800xx SED Data Unlock SATA Connector-1;
02, How to use WD HDD 800xx SED Data Unlock SATA Connector-2;
03, How to Regenerate Western Digital Firmware Module 02;
04, How to Regenerate Translator for WD Drives;
05, How to Fix WD Drives Spin up and Down by Corrupted Firmware Module;
06, Detailed Steps on How to Recover WD Palmer Charger HDDs;
07, How to Recover WD USB SATA Encrypted HDD;
08, WD20EZRZ 00Z5HB0 Undetected HDD Data Recovery Steps;
09, How to Recover Lost Data from WD20SDZW 11Z3CS0 PCB 800065;
10, How to Backup Complete Firmware for WD Charger Family 800065;
11, How to Recognize WD Charger Family WD20SPZX 22UA7T0;
12, How to recover undetected clicking WD5000LPCX;
13, Head map editing in RAM vs ROM for WD drives;
14, WD Head Adaptive Data;
15, WD HDD Bypass SA Fix Non accessible SA;
16, Bypass SA WD5000LPCX 00VHAT0 Firmware Repair Steps;
17, WD 1960 FBLITE hdd Firmware repair process;
18, How to fix WD Busy HDDs caused by Module 36
19, WD5000NMZW 810035 Hard Drive Head Map Setup Image By Heads;
20, WDC WD30NMVW 11C3NS4 0001003E Firmware Operations by DFL tool
21, How to find out the damaged head from clicking WD drives
22, WD10SPCX 24HWST1 Perfect Data Recovery Case Study By DFL WD Firmware Repair Tool
23, How to Recover WD hard drives full of Bad Sectors Caused by Translator Damage
24, The Most Important Thing for WD SMR HDD Data Recovery;
25, How to Set up Head Map for WD SMR Hard Drives;
26, WD SMR Hard Drive T2 AutoLoading for High Recovery Success Rate;
27, WD10SPZX 22Z10T0 WD SMR HDD Module 190 backup method;
28, WD10SPZX 22Z10T0 WD SMR HDD Firmware Unlock and Backup;
29, WDC WD62PURX 78B2MY0 Firmware Repair and Data Recovery;
30, HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader Reads WD SMR Palmer 800069 PCB ROM Chip Without Soldering;
31, HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader Reads WD SMR 810011 PCB ROM Chip Without Soldering;
32, Western Digital 6TB WD60EFRX HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps;
33, How to Unlock WD SMR HDD Without Firmware Unlock PCB;
34, How to use DFL URE UREP to Recover Lost Data Easily from WD SMR HDDs Suffering All Sectors Zero;
35, How to Fix Recover WD SMR HDD Sector 0 Module 190 Failure Cases;
36, WD10JMVW 11S5XS1 WD HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps;
37, How to Remove WD Spyglass PCB 800022 Safely;
38, How to Install G3 WD USB to SATA Data Recovery Adapter;
39, How to Image Extract Lost Data From WD USB HDDS Faster and More Stably;
40, Latest data recovery assistant software for WD SMR USB HDDs;
41, How to Read Write ROM Easily from WD SMR USB HDDs;
42, WD MARS HDD 701567 WD1002FBYS Firmware Repair Data Recovery Steps;
43, WD SMR 800067 USB to SATA Without Soldering Capacitors Without Programmer;
44, How to Repair WD SMR HDD Corrupted 190 Automatically;
45, WD WD5000BMVV Busy SED HDD Data Recovery Steps;
46, WD HDD Model SN Edit;
47, How to Edit Model Number and SN Number of WD SMR Hard Drives;
48, Western Digital Hard Drive Repair Testing The Heads;
49, Data Recovery Solutions For Western Digital Hard Drives with Head Failure;
50, Unique Firmware Repair Solution to Repair WD Weak Heads;
51, WD SMR HDD Module 190 Auto Repair High Success Rate;
52, WD82PURX 78GVLY0 DaHua DVR HDD Data Recovery Steps;
53, WD10EACS HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps;
54, How to Recover WD10JMVW Encrypted Hard Drives;
55, How to Read 800066 PCB ROM by ROM Chip Clip adapter;
56, Easy Method to Convert WD USB HDD to SATA for Firmware Repair;
57, Innovative Hard Drive ROM Chip Clip Adapter;
58, Hard Drive Rom Chip Cable Pin Reader;
59, Hard Drive ROM Chip Sizes and Directions;
60, WD5000AADS 1640 WD HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps;
61, Hard Drive ROM Programming Clip Adapter;
62, …

Other Topics on WD HDD Repair and Data Recovery

1, How To View And Edit Adaptive Parameters for a higher success rate of head swap;
2, How to fix one WD 1672 laptop slow problem;
3, How To FIx WD SA Locked Hard Drives;
4, How to reset smart of WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0;
5, How To Do Data Recovery By Writing Key Data Modules;
6, How To View And Edit Adaptive Parameters;
7, How To Run Selftest Successfully By Reducing Capacity;
8, Case Study : Data Recovery on USB Western Digital;
9, How To Recover Data From Undetected WD10TMVW USB3.0 Drives;
10, Video: WD1672 Laptop Recovery Case Study-Common Fix;
11, How To Recover Data From Latest Undetected 1961 WD20NMVW USB3.0 Hard Drives;
12, How To Test Heads On All Areas To General Real Head Test Result;
13, Video:1698 WD20EARS-22MVWB0 Spin Up And Down Bsy Recovery;
14, How To Regenerate P-list In Two Different Ways;
15, How To Change Rom Size From 192KB To 256KB For Successful ROM Write;
16, How-To-Create-Real-Compatible ROM-For-New-WD-HDDs-With-Dynamic-Module-01;
17, Video On HDD Refurbishing General Steps;
18, How To Fix 2.5″ HDD Module 04 Write Error;
19, WDEARS PCB 1698 HDD Capacity 0 Restoration And Data Recovery;
20, How To Handle ROM Write Failure;
21, How to find WD mrjogs;
22, Video: How To Make Best Use Of ARCO 44 To Fixed Damaged HDD;
23, Diagnose & Repair WD10EARS HDDs With Many Green & Red Blocks;
24, Video Case Study: Fixed WD3200AAJS Bad Sectors;
25, Repair WD10EVDS-Dragafly2 HDD Being Very Slow With Many Regular Bad Sectors;
26,New Tip to solve problem ” HDD SPINS DOWN AFTER KILL ZONE “
27,How To Find Out Bad Heads And Cut Them Efficiently
28,Format and Translator Regeneration, Selfscan and Servo Calibration
29,Video On How To Format SA And Rewrite Modules On PCB1640 Series
30,How To Cut Head And Fix Red And Green Blocks
31,When And How To Use Head Adaptive Editing
32,How to Fix the Caviar Black NULL WDC1501FASS not matching head number;
33, How to Load LDR to Fix Undected WD HDD;
34, How To Fix Clicking WD HDD-Clicked and Span Down;
35, How To Edit Head Adaptive Parameters Manually & Fixing Many Colored Blocks;
36, Data Recovery Tips and Steps From Clicking WD Hard Drives;
37, PCB 1640 ROM Auto Regeneration Case Study And Tips;
38, Repair Dead WD HDD & Modify MR JOG Parameters For Data Recovery Purpose;
39, PCB 1640 Undetected Fixing By ATA Loading & Auto DIR Searching;
40, Repair Undetected PCB1698 And Newer WD HDDs;
41, WD HDD Bad Sector Repair Case Study;
42, An Excellent Approach To Fix HDDs Which Are Busy;
43, PCB1640 HDD Password Removal;
44, How to recover data from WD5000LMVW USB3.0 drive, full encrypted USB hard drive;
46, WD Hard Drive Full Disk Bad Sector Repair And Recovery Tips;
47, What is WD HDD F-list?
48, Compatible SATA PCB numbers for USB PCBs;
49, WD Mod 32 Damaged Data Recovery;
50, How To Diagnose And Find Out The Failure Reason;
51, WD10EARX Perfect Data Recovery By New 5C Loading;
52, WD PCB1824 Unlock Selftest;
53, How To Run Single SF In Ram For HDDs With Empty 28;
54, How To Set TPI and CAP;
55, Smart Operations-Video guide;
56, HDD Refurbishing Tips On Selftest;
57, ARCO 44 For 2.5″ HDDs;
58, How To Get Modules From Tracks & Create Tracks By Modules;
59, How to check family name of busy hdds;
60, Video on How To Use Loading Module Dir To RAM;
61, How To Regenerate ROM For PCB1640 And Newer;
62, WD SA Write Tips;
63, Selftest-D2 Explanation;
64, Atlantis Spins Down After Head Depoping;
65, Refurbishing HDD By Writing Donor FW;
66, How To Cut Zones On One WD1600 HDD;
67, WD PCB1692 Safe Mode Tips;
68, Incompatible ROM and SA Fix;
69, WD HDD Translator Problem And Fix;
70, Head Depopping Options And Steps;
71, How To Cut Heads For PCB 1640 Or Newer PCB Series;
72, WD PCB1640 Bsy Fix Solution;
73, A Small Tip on ARCO 46;
74, kernel mode tips;
75, Bad Sector Types And Repair Solutions;
76, WD USB hard drive solutions;
77, How to Fix Damaged HDD with DFL-WDII;
78, Modules Required To Do Data Recovery For ROYL Series If U Use ‘Common Repair FW’;
79, Modules Required For L-shaped WD Drives To Data Recovery Using Common FW Repair;
80, Common FW and ROM Repair Tips;
81, Tips for killing zones;
82, Selftest Tips To Share;
83, Module directory-Module 01-Look Inside;
84, ROYL spins up, three attempts and spins down;
85, ARCO Running Tips;