Data Recovery Grow-up Suite

Data Recovery Grow-up Suite

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We must admit no hdd repair tool or no data recovery tool is perfect in the world helping users fix all cases they may meet. If someone tells you their tool can do it, they are cheating you.

With unique and innovative data recovery technologies, Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Grow-up Suite is specially designed for those who want to grow their data recovery business and enhance their data recovery capabilities.

To grow a data recovery business, the most important is to have more new data recovery solutions and methods to fix different data recovery cases others cannot do or fix faster than others, for this purpose, we prepared our data recovery training U-disk.

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Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Grow-up Suite


This data recovery suite contains DFL-SRP USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment and DFL-URE USB3.0 Data Recovery Tool

These two tools are not only cost-effective but have many unique data recovery and hdd repair festures no others tools have. Each of the unique functions can help users to fix one more case than users with any other tools. These two tools have scores of unique functions and that’s to say these two tools can help users to fix scores of more data recovery cases than users with other tools.

If users have enough data recovery cases and use this Data Recovery Grow-up Suite each day, users can calculate how many more cases can be fixed with this suite. Users can definitely enhance users’ data recovery capabilities tremendously.

With DFL-SRP USB3.0 All-In-One, one of the tools included in Data Recovery Grow-up suite, users enjoy the more competitive features as following:

  1. Super high-speed disk imaging and file recovery due to the USB 3.0 data recovery design of DFL-SRP USB3.0. Users using this tool can greatly enhance their data recovery efficiency for TB-designed hard drives, especially those of 2TB, 3TB, 4TB;
  2. Fast solutions to Seagate common hdd failures;
  3. Fast solutions to WD common hdd failures;
  4. Fast solutions to Samsung common hdd failures;
  5. Fast solutions to Toshiba common hdd failures;
  6. Fast solutions to Hitachi common hdd failures;
  7. Image and recover faulty drives fast, recover bad sectors efficiently;
  8. Selective head image for a wider range of hard drives;
  9. WD head map editing in RAM and image;
  10. Users can easily recover data from SATA, IDE, from Desktop and Laptop hard drives;
  11. Repair firmware failures of all hard drive brands, Edit ID, reset smart, remove passwords, repair bad sectors;
  12. More new and innovative data recovery technologies…

With DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery tool, users can fix USB hard drive failures of all brands and win more data recovery cases than with any other tools by the following features:

  1. Connect two USB hard drives either USB2.0 or USB3.0 and get lost data back;
  2. Bypass default usb hdd encryption issue and access to data area directly;
  3. Fix WD USB hard drive firmware failures and get lost data back;
  4. Fix Samsung USB hard drive firmware failures and get lost data back;
  5. More functions for USB hard drives’ data recovery.

With Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Grow-up Suite, users can not only make best use of the integrated and standard hdd repair and data recovery technologies, but enjoy more on the new and latest technologies helping:

  1. Diagnosing the hard drives more accurately and finding a faster solution;
  2. Repair and recover more cases other similar tools cannot do, strengthen users’ data recovery capabilities and stand out of the competitors;
  3. Enhance users’ hdd repair and data recovery efficiency;
  4. Get more considerate technique support and data recovery tips from Dolphin Data Lab user-only forums, we are proud of our forums with many real engineers who are willing to help us grow.

With Dolphin Data Lab’s Data Recovery Grow-up Suite, your data recovery business and data recovery capabilities are really growing up!

How To Buy Data Recovery Grow-up Suite from us?

It’s very easy and safe to buy this tool from Dolphin Data Lab, users are required to email to with the shipping details, contact details for getting proforma invoice with Dolphin’s company bank account or Paypal account. For Indian clients, users need to give us exact PAN number and full name on the PAN card, for users from Brazil, users need to give us their CPF or CNPJ numbers and the exact names tied with the numbers. Users pay according to the invoice and after the payment is confirmed, Dolphin shipping dept. will arrange shipment immediately and email users the tracking number and at the same time, one forum account will be set up with permissions given based on the tools bought. Users can also add our official Skype account: for more details.

7 reviews for Data Recovery Grow-up Suite

  1. coskunco

    hello My name is Hüseyin

    I ask that the device turkey to get shipping transaxle.
    I will be glad if you give me more information about the price. thank you
    00 90 554 452 82 34

    • Stanley Morgan

      pls check your email for detailed reply on how to buy Dolphin DFL data recovery tools, thank you.

  2. jiniral

    i have a computer store and i would love to start an hdd repair center ur products seam to me to be the best in the market

    • Stanley Morgan

      Thank you sir for your comments and interested in Dolphin hdd repair and data recovery tools, our sales manager is contacting you soon, pls check your email for detailed reply.

  3. seckin_446

    merhaba ben turkiyeden ve sizi seçtim beğendim ben bunu satın almak istiyoruz yardımcı olur musunuz

    • Stanley Morgan

      Sorularınız için teşekkür ederiz, bizim satış yöneticisi e-posta ile yakında sizinle iletişime geçiyor.

  4. Chris

    Hi. I would like to start a data recovery service to recover data from common hard drive failures. Please contact me.

  5. Gideon Raphael

    Hello good evening, am Gideon from Nigeria, I was surfing through several pages then I came across your page. I intend starting up a data recovery lab here in Nigeria. I need reliable information, tools and applications to help me get started

  6. Renel

    Good Day,

    I am a computer teacher and i found your product helpful in my teaching and my extra work. Can I have the quote for your product Data Recovery Grow-up Suite. And do you have any special offer for educational institution.

    Renel Cuaresma

    • Stanley Morgan

      Dear Renel,

      We have emailed you detailed quotes on all our tools, please check your email and reply to us, you need to give us your detailed needs and we will suggest you the best data recovery tools to go with.

  7. Kirkwood


    I was online looking at your product and was wondering if i can get more info on this product and what steps I would need to become a partner I am interested in becoming a partner and learning about this product. I’m presently living in the Bahamas and feel that this tool can really be a profitable product here.

    Kirkwood Neely


    • DRdolphin

      Dear Friend

      Please check your email and we have replied to you with details, you can pls add our office skype:

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