DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment

DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment

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Please note: DFL-URE won’t fix all your USB hard drive cases, it helps a lot when you have many USB hard drives, please read the following details before you decide to buy.

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What is DFL-URE?

DFL-URE: DFL-USB3.0 Recovery Express, it’s one newly developed USB device disk image and file recovery equipment. It has two USB3.0 interfaces which are able to connect two USB hard drives to run disk image or direct file extraction. All brands are supported.

DFL-URE is another USB3.0 data recovery equipment besides DFL-DDP but DFL-URE is specially for USB hard drives with data loss due to accidental file deletion, virus deletion, system format, common slow running and detection, a lot of bad sectors, weak heads and even clicking noises.



URE Function Modules

Disk imaging module, file recovery module, common hdd repair module, bad sector scan module, general function module including password set and unlock modules.

DFL-URE Functions and Features

1, DFL-URE is one USB3.0 data recovery equipment for all USB hard drives which can be detected
or undetected drives which can be fixed by its built-in common repair solutions;

2, DFL-URE is able to connect USB hard drives directly with its two built-in USB3.0 interfaces and recover two USB hard drives at the same time;
3, DFL-URE is able to image the USB hard drives to another target disk, image the patient drives to one image file or image selective heads or image wanted partitions and files only;

4, DFL-URE supports selective head image of Seagate, WD and Toshiba hard drives and will add Samsung USB hard drive selective head image in the upgrade.

5, DFL-URE is able to extract lost partitions, file folders, scan MFT, recover data by file types and recover selective files and partitions;
6, DFL-URE is able to unlock the WD USB hard drives if the password is given for smartware encryption;

7, DFL-URE is able to remove passwords for Seagate, WD, Samsung USB hard drives and will upgrade to support other USB hdd brands such as Toshiba;

8, DFL-URE is able to scan bad sectors and offer users initial diagnosis on how to move forward for a better recovery method;

9, DFL-URE has also many other fast solutions to common hdd failures of Seagate, WD, Toshiba etc;

10, For WD USB hard drives, we have also many direct firmware fixing functions including the following:

  • NHPA;
  • Slow Initialization fix;
  • Remove Password;
  • Edit Head Map In Ram;
  • Load LDR;
  • Reset Smart;
  • Show Microcode
  • Modules Test
  • Read ROM
  • Write ROM
  • Read Modules
  • Write Modules
  • Read Tracks
  • Write Tracks
  • Translator Regenerate
  • Load Module Dir

Pls. note DFL-URE is not one chip-off data recovery recovery equipment, it doesn’t read data from chips, if the flash drives have controller damage and couldn’t be detected in URE, then DFL-URE is not for it.

Unboxing of DFL-URE Data Recovery Hardware



How To Buy DFL-URE from Dolphin Data Lab?

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.

We answer all emails within 24 hours, if the users don’t get reply by above email, it’s mainly due to the email system blocking our email, please then add our skype account: dolphin.data.lab

How To Upgrade DFL-URE ?


40 reviews for DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment

  1. :

    Hi, is it possible to bypass WD SmartWare encryption, without password?

    • :

      Hello Sir, We are sorry but smartware encryption cannot be bypassed at this moment.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I accidently formatted my external 1 tb seagate hard drive and want to receover the data. Which device do you recommend and what are cost and shipping charges to Dubai uae.

    Thanks and regards

    • :

      Dear Sir, for formatted drive, you can try with data recovery software first and then if software failed, it might be caused by bad sectors, you need to image the drive with our data extraction tool. However, for one single case, we don’t recommend our tool.

  3. :

    I want to purchase DFL-URE DEVICE RECOVERY EQUIPMENTS in India .Please let me know the actual price.warrenty period, updates of software cost also.
    with best Regards
    Sanjay Choudhary

    Mahavir computers.

    • :

      Hello Sanjay, you can get direct contact with our Indian local sales and support center:

      Smart Computech (India)

      FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
      Phone: 9727421981 +91 9909025591
      Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
      Email : jignesh.pankhania@hotmail.com
      Skype ID: smart.computech

  4. :

    Can i get quote for this ?

  5. :

    I want to buy this product, whow much does it cost in Miami.

  6. :

    Please send me a quote and information of this tool. I am starting a dat recovery business.I would like to know how much it does cost. thanks.

  7. :

    Berapa harga dalam rupiah alat DFL URE ini

    • :

      Halo teman, silahkan cek email Anda dengan kutipan rinci, terima kasih.

  8. :

    Hello Sir,

    Is it possible to fix the issue showing 0MB in WD My Passport using this tool ?

    If it is possible ? i am having interest in buying this ?

    Kindly send me the detailed Quote….

    • :

      Yes, friend, this one is possible, this is usually common firmware issue to show 0MB

  9. :

    hi hello to all at Dolphin labs
    Sir/Madame, Please send me your best first time buyer Home user data recovery equipment for my USB Toshiba External hard drive, which is recognized as a drive letter but requires formatting.
    I am a home enthusiast to repair all my Hard drives personally.

    I await your best single buyer price for consideration. Please make it promising to buy.

    • :

      Dear Friend, this one is easy and the data is usually out directly when connecting to our tool, but for one single case, the equipment is not cost effective. We suggest you buy some data recovery software to get the data out.

  10. :

    Sayah sangat suka dan ingin memiliki DFL URE USB Device rocovery tapi harganya berapa dan dimana membelinya.
    Tolong kirim harga nya.

    • :

      Hello Friend, you can get the live demo and purchase the DFL-URE USB3.o tool from our Indonesia reseller:

      Dokter Harddisk (Indonesia)
      Jl. Surya 2 No.1 Taman Galaksi, Bekasi Selatan, Indonesia 17147
      Ph.n. +622182427174
      Mobile : +6281218544800
      Website: http://www.dokterharddisk.com

  11. :

    hello I’m interested in purchasing your product can you please more info about payment and prices? mail id pcdoctor.anand@gmail.com

  12. 5 out of 5


    @prog55555, Hello Sir, The URE detailed quote with Christmas offer has been emailed to you, Please check your email, thank you.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Hi there
    can you send me the price of this DFL-URE

    Quickly please i needed that

    Best regards

  14. :

    hi i Mohamed from Egypt
    I want the price of the device dfl seen a breakdown of shipping to Egypt and I also want to know whether the device Asttaa remove the password from the Smart Ware and deal with piggy ultra Alhardat

  15. :

    hi there i am from Africa Ethiopia and i am interested to ur product. how to know the price and how i can i get ur product?

    • :

      Dear Sir, thank you for your comment and we have replied to you by email with detailed quote and purchasing instructions.

  16. :

    berapa harganya dan dimana belinya

  17. 5 out of 5


    hello I’m interested in purchasing your product can you please more info about payment and prices?

    • :

      Hello Duke, can you let us know which tools are you interested in? We accept payment by bank transfer, paypal and western union and you can select the best one to go with. You can email to us by sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our skype: dolphin.data.lab

  18. :

    hola me puede decir el precio de esta herramienta.

  19. :

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am interested in your products, please send me the price and where to buy for DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment.
    Thank you.

    • :

      Hello Friend, please check your email with our detailed reply, if you are from India, you can contact our Indian sales and support center directly:

      Smart Computech (India)

      FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
      Phone: 9727421981
      Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
      Email : jignesh.pankhania@hotmail.com
      Skype ID: smart.computech

  20. :

    Dear Sir I am running hardware setup and i want to purchase your product but which one is completely useful produnct for me regarding data recovery i don’t know very well because i have many kind of HDD, types SATA, USB’s , even memory cards also i mean verity of equipment come to me for data recovery so please guide me properly which one is usefull product for my environment and also send me the price detail with shipment charges.i am waiting to your prompt response.

    • :

      Hello Friend,

      Please check your email and we have recommended the most useful data recovery equipment to you. The recommended tools are used for SATA/IDE and USB hard drives of all hdd brands.

  21. :

    Hi, I am interested in your products, please send me the price list for this device. Thanks

  22. :

    HI , may i have the price for this DFL-USB3.0 Recovery Express?

    • :

      Hello Jimmy, we are arranging the shipment to you and will give you tracking number tomorrow by DHL express, thank you for your support To Dolphin Data Lab.

  23. :

    Hi My name is Eric.
    I live in California.
    I am interested in your products, please send me the price and where to buy for DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment.
    Thank you.

    • :

      Hello Eric,

      Have you received our reply on how to buy DFL-URE from Dolphin Data Lab?

  24. :

    Wie viel kostet die DFL-URE?

    Mit freunlichem Gruß

  25. :

    Hi I don’t work for a company that is performing data recovery services. I have WD MyBook that failed due to the large amount of bad sectors and is not recognized by some software I used. I am interested in your solution and not sure if it pays off for single use but nevertheless can you please send me price for DFL-URE – USB and also DFL-DE

    • :

      Hello Alex, we have recommended our data recovery service partner in Turkey to you.

  26. :

    I am interested in your products, please send me the price list for all devices.
    Thank you.

    • :

      Hello Friend,

      THe latest product with price details from Dolphin has been emailed to you, please check.

  27. :

    Need price and payment method for this device.

  28. :

    la herramienta para WD por favor cotizarla y no olviden el DFL URE USB

  29. :

    eh analizado sus equipos son muy amigables en el proceso de recuperacion de datos
    ,trabajo con otras marcas pero estoy interezado en sus equipos principalmente eabezan este y los separadores de cabezas WAKAS ALI me loas a recomendado favor enviar la inf requerida

  30. :

    I just want to know the price and details

  31. :

    can DFL-URE recover the data of my WD10JWMW 1.0TB that having a weak head (maybe)?
    My harddisk is detected by my laptop but the folder in the harddisk can’t be read fastly.

  32. :

    how to recover two USB hard drives at the same time and how to run two hard disk at a time in DFL-Data Dr.pro

  33. :

    장비을 구매 하고 싶은데 어떻게 하면 구매 할 수 있을 까요?

    • :

      안녕하세요 선생님, pls는 한국에서 우리의 대리점에 문의하십시오 :

      대구 컴퓨터 (한국)

      1천6백70에서 19 사이, 대명 11 동, 남구, 대구 한국 705-041
      전화 : 82 + 010-9353-6692
      연락처 : 씨 배 종호
      이메일 : jjongho7b@naver.com

  34. :


    Can you send me the price of this product (DFL-URE) ?


  35. :

    Good evening,
    can you send me the price of this DFL-URE

  36. :

    Good evening.
    I want to know the price of this tool

    • :

      Hello Sir, we have replied to you with DFL-URE detailed quote by email, pls check your email, thank you.

  37. 5 out of 5


    Hello Friends,

    Thank you very much for your comments and interest in Dolphin firmware repair tools and data recovery tools.

    Please check your email and you can find our detailed reply to your questions from different friends.

    You can add our skype dolphin.data.lab or email to sales@dolphindatalab.com

    DFL-URE helps a lot in your USB hard drive data recovery success when you have many USB cases.

  38. :

    How much does the DFL-URE cost?

    Erastus Kamau

  39. 5 out of 5


    What if my 1.0 TB Hard Drive WD10JMVW is password protected??
    I Have the Password ,But my PC Detects the HDD and when password is entered it unlocks the HDD and then its not recognized . Please Help Whats the price?

    • :

      This one needs further diagnosis to find out the failure causing the undetection. Please tell us where you are from?

  40. :


    How much does cost the DFL-URE?
    If it matters, I already have PC3K with the newest software update.

    Best Regards.
    Ido Yerushalmi.

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