From years of experience in the computer industry and data recovery field we find it is best to teach new students in three separate stages:

  1. Logical and Physical
  2. Clean room; head and platter swaps
  3. Flash recovery; Flash Drives, SSD, Jump Drives, Flash drive repair and PCB repair

Besides, we must mention the following advanced data recovery training course which is the most cost-effective and comprehensive one:

DFL Advanced Data Recovery Training courses: covering most contents of the three stages.

The training for each stage is 5 days/40 hours.

These advanced data recovery training courses are not like common and simple training courses by many other companies who don’t repair hard drives, flash drives, SSD, etc. All our data recovery teachers are currently offering comprehensive data recovery services to PC end users and they know what kind of data recovery cases are met often and what kind of data recovery technologies to be used for the best result.

These advanced data recovery training courses are using the best data recovery tools in its responding field, by these data recovery training courses, you learn not only the most professional data recovery knowledge, you save time and money searching the most proper data recovery tools and have them during the training courses.


If you are interested in our advanced data recovery training, you can reach us by email to

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