This is the stage 1 and also the very important foundation-like data recovery training. More important, this training course is created by one professional data recovery expert within computer industry for over 30 years and the training course aims at further and in-depth study in both logical and physical data recovery.

What You Can Learn from DDL Advanced Data Recovery Training Courses?

  • Data disk storage: introduction to sectors, bytes, cluster, blocks disk formatting, zone bit recording, recovering data from a formatted disk
  • Introduction to the HDD. What is inside the HDD, how each part of the HDD works, ATA interface, Serial ATA, SATA specifications, and IDE
  • Determining HDD problems; data recovery main function, recovering data after physical damage, recovery techniques, common causes of data los, logical recovery, physical recovery, stage 1 and stage 2 data recovery
  • Logical recovery; bad sectors, boot sectors, MBR, BIOS parameter block, FAT16 file system, FAT32, root directories, NTFS parameters, boot sectors, attributes, file system
  • HDD firmware and service area; data modules in the SA, Maxtor key modules. Hitachi FW and SA, key modules
  • Introduction to DFL WDII hdd repair tool: HDD configuration, identifying the PCB, Device information, module listing, track listing, Firmware, modules, track, ROM, FW defect scan, track relocation, defect lists operations, G-List, P-List, translator regeneration, Internal L-Format, defect reallocation, ROM operations, heads operations, and HDD securities
  • Donor parts; how to identify donor parts for all HDD families, finding the correct donor parts, methods fro matching PCB, Hitachi PCB compatible, Samsung drive specifications, and WD PCB swapping and how to move or write adaptive
  • Setting up a clean room; what is needed, specifications, constructions, and maintenance; working in clean room
  • Common problems in HDD families and how to repair;
  • Special notes on different drive families, how to test heads on different drive families to determine if heads needs swapping, Information on the different drive families, P-List, G-List, ROM modules, how to rebuild ROM on WD from SA modules, How to determine if modules are corrupted and need donor modules

The course will teach anyone the first stage of DR, how to determine the problem, diagnosing the HDD, what steps to take to repair the HDD, and how to use the tools necessary to work with the SA or restricted area of the HDD. The first and second stage of data recovery is the most critical. This is what is needed in order to repair the HDD and retrieve data. It is this stage that determines the end results in repairing the HDD. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the problems associated with a broken drive, what steps to take to repair the HDD, and how to test the drive before repairing the drive.

Due to the restrictions of some tool manufactures it is impossible to train, give out documentation on their tool, and use their tools in this class. We are limited to certain tools that are used in this class. The techniques of each tool vary but the principle of how to use them is the same. Each technique that is taught in this class can be used with different tool by applying the knowledge learned in this class.

If you ‘re interested in this advanced logical and physical data recovery training, you can reach us by email to

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