Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Trial Version has the same design and all functions of the Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Business Version, the trial version will help the users with one correct and happy purchase.

Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Trial Version helps the users to recognize the video surveillance system type, offer the ability to access to the DVR/NVR/HVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards, use fast analysis or deep analysis to find the lost videos, preview the videos and check if the wanted videos are found or not.

The only limit is that users can not use this trial version to save or recover the lost videos. Users need to buy the Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Business Version for recovery.

Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Trial Version is free to use!

If users are interested in this Dolphin DVR-CCTV Recovery Pro. Trial Version, users can download it here for free. Please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

Features and Advantages of Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version

  • Support 94 Video Surveillance Systems Brands, 39 digital camera systems and 54 video recorder system;
  • Support video recovery from unknown/non-listed digital cameras and video recorders, that means users can try to recover any digital cameras and video recorders by Dolphin unique video recovery solution only if the videos are not overwritten;
  • Support E01, DD Raw, IMG and other types of image files;
  • Recover deleted videos, formatted videos and lost videos due to video surveillance devices;
  • Faster software upgrade to add new Surveillance Systems for video recovery;
  • Higher success rate of recovering and restructuring fragmented video files;
  • Detailed report on the case;
  • Easy channel and dates file directory display and recovery;
  • Smart and new technology to recognize the video and audio frame;
  • Easy video search by dates and time to find the videos to recover;
  • Easy anti-interruption design during video recovery process.