Download Dolphin Data Recovery Training 2015 Index Here

According to the feedback and suggestions from Dolphin users worldwide, Dolphin Data Lab offers some regular classes to meet users’ request of attending Dolphin data recovery training courses and fix users’ problems of time arrangement and finally all users with intention of improving their data recovery skills will benefit from Dolphin monthly data recovery training.

Training Subject: Dolphin Monthly Data Recovery Training
Time Duration: 5 days, Last week of each month;

Address: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Airport: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Since December 2014, Dolphin starts to offer monthly advanced data recovery training courses based on DFL series advanced data recovery tools, firmware repair tools and physical head swap tools.

Dolphin Data Lab offers unique data recovery training courses on all aspects of data recovery, not simply on the data recovery tools themselves, but the most important parts, proper marketing of users’  data recovery services, proper knowledge of different hard drive brands’ failure symptoms and possible solutions to fix these failures, different recovery principles of different storage medias, necessary components to set up one professional data recovery lab, data recovery service cost, different resources and support documents and technologies and even some DIY data recovery solutions.

Dolphin Data Lab monthly data recovery training course was specially designed to help with all people’s success who want to enter data recovery field or who want to set up their own in-house data recovery lab.

If any one is interested in Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses, you can come to Dolphin Chengdu head office in any month you are able to come, before you come, just send to us one email to