Head and Platter Swap Package 02


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Head and Platter Swap Package 02

Note: Dolphin team has released the most complete head platter swap and clean tools: Dolphin Head and Platter Swap and Clean Suite.Pro.

Head and Platter Swap Package 2 is a combination of two head and platter swap tools  which are necessary in clean room data recovery cases.

Note: The Head and Platter Swap Package 02 won’t fix all your cases or support all hdds, success rate comes from who to use, how to use and the donor quality to use. Please make sure this is what you really need before you buy.

This package contains the following two head and platter swap tools:

HDD Head Combs Pro.

Head and Platter Swap Pro.Standard

HDD Head Combs Pro. contains 16 families of combs supporting different hard drive types to separate the heads so that users can safely install and uninstall the head stack without scratching the hdd platters; Head and Platter Swap Pro. offers you one stable operation environment and small tools to disassemble the drives and hdd inner components easily, the most important is this tool contains also platter exchangers for both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives’ platters supporting multiple platters swap.

You can visit above two links to learn the details on what each head replacement tool does and how they can help you with your clean room data recovery success.

By purchasing this head and platter swap package,  users get better prices and benefit from the same shipment.

The following video gives you the head replacement tips and steps using this great package:

If you have any question about this head and platter swap package, you can please email to sales@dolphindatalab.com.