HDD Head Combs Pro.

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HDD Head Combs Pro.

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HDD Head Combs Included: 16 families, 3 pieces each family, one for source drive, one for target drive, one for backup.
Locking Pins/Security Pins Included: 48 pieces
Totally 96 pieces are included in this package.

HDD Head Combs Pro. is one professional head replacement tool helping clean room data recovery engineers to swap the heads safely with a higher success rate.

Support List of HDD Head Combs Pro.


HDD Head Combs Pro. contains 16 families’ head combs and each family contains 3 same head combs to assist big data recovery companies to handle multiple clean room head and platter replacement cases or to fight against the accidental damage or loss of one or two head combs.


HDD Head Combs Pro supports almost all the kind of hard drive brands and you can compare and select the right family of head combs to be used by the number of platters and heads and thickness of the platters. These head combs are carefully and precisely manufactured and therefore, they can match well your physical data recovery needs.

Compared with standard hdd head combs, this head replacement tool supports more types of hard drives and you can use it with our Head and Platter Swap Pro. in clean room or at least in one clean bench. If you want to fix one physically damaged hard drives, you need not only the best head and platter replacement tools, you need also good practices and knowledge about the hard drive physical and firmware and logical structure, the more you learn about the HDD itself, the higher success rate you will have with the tools.

12 reviews for HDD Head Combs Pro.

  1. :

    could you please help with finding proper replacement tool for ST2000DM001 7200.14, I could not find this model on website. Can you please tell which kit is possible to use?

    Thank you!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hello I I am from India I want learn and become data recovery specialist can you show me the way to this?????

    • :

      Hello Sir, If you come to China, you get the best data recovery training courses.

  3. :

    Hi, the heads are indeed broken, as a friend of mine said he could repair it and took the drive apart, in turn he damaged the heads, a few were bent upwards, how he did it ive no idea, but I’m willing to try anything to save my precious photos, do you have a head comb that could do the job? and if so, how much would it be?? thank you kindly.

    • :

      Dear Rick, if the drives have been opened, the heads are bent, this most indicates server wrong operations or platter scratches, you cannot simply depend on any head comb to get the data back, we are sorry to say this but it’s the fact. You need to find professional data recovery company to try, tell us where you are from and we will introduce some great service supplier to you.

  4. :

    Is the price for the Level 2 head comb kit on http://www.hddheadtools.com in US money and what about shipping costs? I live in Canada

    • :

      Hello Friend, please check your email for detailed reply, thank you.

  5. :

    I have a western Digital WD10eacs – 006b1 drive. I can’t find this in any of the compatible lists. Are you able to tell me which tool is needed at all?

  6. :

    I’m very interested in this kit, but don’t see my hard drive listed. It’s a Seagate ST3000DM001/7200.14 with 3 platters and 6 heads. Are there any differences in layout/size that would prevent #403 from working?

  7. :

    Hi guys, I have a 1tb Samsung HD103SI with over ten years of family photos on it, the drive isnt reading on any device, do you have the required head combs as I have purchased a similar drive to try a head change.thanks.

    • :

      Hello Rick, Are you sure the heads are broken? How did you confirm it? As for Samsung drives, the most common issue is PCB and heads, you can try to find one donor PCB and swap it and see.

  8. :

    Hi I have WD500BEVT Western digital 2.5 HDD, i could not find it in the list of supported HDDs
    Does this mean my HDD is not supported , or it uses a standard head as supported list

    • :

      Dear Hani,

      Thank you very much for your questions.

      Your WD5000BEVT hdd should have two platters and four heads, the heads park on a ramp and you need to use our level 2 head comb suite: http://www.hddheadtools.com/product/level-2-head-comb-suite/

      For Raid recovery, you can use UFS Explorer which is so far the best raid tool.

      But if the raid disks have bad sectors or firmware failure, you need then special data recovery equipment such as our DFL-DDP USB3.0 or DFL-FRP, etc.

  9. 5 out of 5


    Thank you, friends for your feedback and questions. We will make more professional head replacement tools and have them affordable to all.

    Anyway, if we want to succeed in data recovery field, we must have enough hands on practice and must keep learning new knowledge about data recovery and the storage devices themselves.

  10. 5 out of 5


    If you’re suffering clicking noises causes by head damage or motor stuck issue, this too can definitely help you out but if it’s clicking due to firmware issue, you need buy firmware repair tools. We are using this head replacement tool too and we like it.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I have many hdds with clicking noises? can this head replacement tool be used to?

  12. 5 out of 5


    This head replacement tool is very cost-effective and well manufactured and I just finished one head swap case Toshiba MK2035GSS with 4 heads in my clean bench, thank you.

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