Dear Clients of Dolphin Data Lab,

Thank you very much for your long-lasting support to our development of new hdd repair and data recovery tools and with your help, we’ve released a number of DFL tools including our DFL-WDII, DFL-STII, DFL-FRP firmware repair tool, DFL-DE data recovery tool, DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery tool and our latest DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment.

Within above tools, we have released a lot of unique functions helping all our clients on a high success rate of data recovery and firmware repair. Users can view the existing features by the link below:

We are specially set up this section-‘New Feature Request’ for all DDL clients who have used any of our DFL series data recovery or firmware repair tools to submit their ideas and suggestions to improve our tools and keep it no.1 hdd repair and data recovery tools. All users of our tools are welcome to post feedback to this post and our technique dept. will arrange to review all of them and reply with details what will be done and what will be available in the future upgrade.

Users are welcome to visit this forum to submit the new features request:

DDL Support Team
Dolphin Data Lab

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  1. Rob Lake
    Rob Lake says:

    Hi, I run a pc recycle & reuse pcs for businesses, and resell ’em. In cases where I receive SAS drives, including servers, I am unable to data wipe the sas drives, for I don’t have servers (w/SAS intereface) set up with Windows. I data wipe my SATA drives in Windows 10, or Windows 7. But I lose the capacity, e.g., server workstation with sas interface, to read SAS drives w/out setting up a Dell Server (which I don’t want to do). So my question is:
    A) Can the Sata to SAS adapter interface work without the Data Recovery Tool, to be read in Windows 10 or 7 (on a pc workstation)? B) Secondly, if so (can it be read), can I do the DATA wiping, without corrupting the sectors, once wiped? C) If the DATA recovery tool is needed to both read & recover (with the adapter in an effort to data wipe), can data wipe be done in Windows 10/7?
    I never offered data recovery before, because of the investment in time and money, but will consider it. I am more interested in data wiping, since once I received hardware (e.g., Servers, PCS, Workstations), I consequently have to address & guarantee data privacy and security associated with the hard drives (SAS or otherwise) in order to salvage the drives. Thanks


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