This section is for hdd repairing and data recovery from Hitachi and IBM hard drives. The following are solutions, case studies, videos and real knowledge for Dolphin users and users can easily find the answers here to fix the cases in their data recovery labs.

Video Case Studies on How to Repair and Recover Hitachi/IBM Hard Drives

1, Hitachi WD HTS541010B7E610 Physical Slow Data Recovery Cases;
2, How to remove password from Hitachi HEJ423220H9E300 Car drive;
3, How to Access the Car Drive Recorder Firmware of HGST HEJ423220H9E300;
4, How to Use Hitachi Common Firmware Repair Solutions;
5, How to recover lost data from Hitachi Busy hard drives due to weak or damaged heads;
6, How to Recover lost data from Hitachi ARM hard drives with weak heads;
7, How to recovery lost data from Hitachi IBM hard drives with single head damage;
8, How to Edit Hitachi Hard Drive SN number;
9, How to recover lost data from damaged Hitachi hard drives with both firmware and head problems;
10, How to backup Hitachi firmware modules and ROM and NVRAM;
11, How to use Hitachi Auto Virtual Translator for faulty Hitachi HDDs or Unstable HDDs after head swap;
12, How To Recover Lost Data From Hitachi Hard Drives With Common Firmware Failure;
13, Successful Hitachi Data Recovery Case Study by DFL-DDP;

Other Hitachi/IBM HDD repair and recovery topics

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