Dolphin Data Lab is the only data recovery tools manufacturer and seller in the world offering complete data recovery solutions to its users.

Besides offering top-class data recovery tools, the most important, Dolphin team offers users valuable data recovery resources including increasing training videos, pdf documents, forum topics, firmware resources and now Dolphin team has decided to help Dolphin users to seek data recovery donors including donor hard drives and donor PCBs.

Dolphin team has a big domestic and international resource supplier database and we can get those donors at a better price and offer all Dolphin users the right donor hard drives or donor PCB at a good price and ship with the fastest and most secured DHL express, users get the donors within 2-4 working days based on users’ location.

That is to say, only if you are one dolphin user, you get this great donor seeking service for free and Dolphin support team will help to judge the donor quality and ensure the donor swap is as successful as possible.

Many users told us they spend a lot of time searching the donors everywhere and spend a lot of money too but finally they get fake donors which don’t work for their cases at all, some donors have even the same label but different inner physical components, some donors have fake labels or some donors were even refurbished by cutting heads, etc. These kinds of situations make the selection of donors more complicated and all users need one trusted donor supplier.

When users feel it necessary to seek one data recovery donor with the help of Dolphin Data Lab, please offer us the details below:

1, HDD ID including hdd brand, model, family, capacity, manufacturing data and place, it’s the best users take a picture of the complete label and email to us;
2, PCB number and PCB shape, it’s the best users take one clear picture of the PCB and email to us;
3, Head numbers if users know;
4, Let us know whether the current hdd is with the original hard drive body and original hard drive PCB, this one is important to learn;
5, If users need firmware donors, users need to tell us the hdd family, firmware version, microcode if there is, model and serial number.

From now on, Dolphin Data Lab is your one-stop donor seeking partner and Dolphin engineers will be with you for your data recovery success.

Any question is welcome to or add our official Skype