Data Recovery Start-up Suite

Data Recovery Start-up Suite

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To enhance the communication efficiency and meet more clients’ demands more directly in data recovery field, Dolphin Data Lab releases this Data Recovery Start-up Suite.

Special Data Recovery Training Video For Beginners

To start a data recovery business, the most important is not the tools, but the knowledge to use the tools and understand different patient drives, Dolphin Data Lab released the data recovery training u-disk which is quite necessary for starters.

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Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Start-up Suite


Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Start-up Suite contains three tools inside:
DFL-SRP USB3.0 For Data Extraction, HDD head combs pro, Head and platter swap pro.Standard

DFL-SRP USB3.0 For Data Extraction: used for disk imaging, file recovery and common hdd repair; users can use this tool easily without training to recover data from many cases such as logical data recovery, common hdd repair of Seagate, WD, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba. Users can image faulty drives with many bad sectors, can extract data directly. This is one must-have data recovery tool for all kinds of data recovery cases;

  1. HDD Head Combs Pro and Head and Platter Swap Pro: used for disassembling the hard drives, uninstalling and installing the heads, separating the heads and swap the heads securely. These two tools are recommended because it’s necessary for users to look inside the hard drives, study the physical components and learn how each of them works. Besides, if users are serious in data recovery business, it takes a lot of time to practice and practice on fixing different cases and therefore users need to practice from the very beginning. The more you practice, the more cases you are able to handle.

To start a data recovery business or to start a data recovery sector in your organization, the starters must be guided properly.

  1. No data recovery tool can fix and recover data from all cases. Different cases may require different tools to be used, some cases are impossible to be recovered;
  2. Each data recovery tool has its own advantages due to the difference of the manufacturers’ capabilities and development concept;
  3. Not all data recovery tools require training to use for recovering data but it’s not whoever who have the tools can get the data back. It takes time and patience to study the failures, find out the correct solutions the tools offer and practice fixing them.
  4. Data Recovery is one serious art, users need to learn the functions of the tools you selected and understand what operations might destroy the data and what operations can really help to recover the data.

Dolphin Data Lab has developed and combined both standard and innovative data recovery technologies and offered them to hundreds of IT companies and IT sectors in different organizations such as enterprise IT sectors, government IT sectors and law enforcement agencies and now with all these experience, we are offering this start-up suite with confidence.


With Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Start-up Suite,
Clients Start Their Data Recovery Business or Data Recovery Sectors With Confidence

Dolphin Data Lab Data Recovery Start-up Suite enables users to:

  1. Maximize the data recovery performance for each single data recovery tool. Each data recovery tool has been designed for most data recovery cases;
  2. Acquire the most professional technique support. Dolphin Data Lab offers new and detailed user manuals, case studies, video case studies, other related technique documents, forum support, email support and live support, for urgent cases, we offer remote support too;
  3. Follow the rule of studying data recovery technologies: learning the hdds themselves and fixing them;
  4. Minimize the start-up investment and risk for real working tools and functions: with this data recovery start-up suite, users can not only practice on different hdd repair and data recovery cases, but also learn and improve and recover data and set up more confidence in this field.

How To Buy Data Recovery Start-up Suite from Dolphin Data Lab?

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22 reviews for Data Recovery Start-up Suite

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Sir i am also interest in the tools and training how much cost of training and equipments

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Sir, thank you for your interest in DFL data recovery tools and pls check your email for detailed reply.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Christoffer amundsen

    Hi i am interested in starting with data recovery services, please quote me on the equipment I need as a beginner.

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Christoffer, we have replied you with suggestion, pls check your email, thank you.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Good day,

    I have plan to start data recovery business. So please quote me on the equipment I need as a beginner.
    Thank you.
    Zain alkadi

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Zain, thank you for your comments and interest and our sales manager is contacting you by email, please check your email for detailed reply, thank you.

  4. Rated 3 out of 5


    Good day,

    I’m Interested in starting a data recovery company. Please quote me on the equipment I need as a beginner (hardware and software) and tutorial. Thank you.


    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Vishaal, our sales manager is contacting you soon. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Batkhurel Lkhagva

    I’m interesting to open data recovery service. First time to buy. Hard firmware tools only. After few month later to buy hard head replacement tool. Send me price list, full datasheet.

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Sir, Our sales manager has replied to you by email, please check your email for detailed quote. Thank you.

  6. Nguyen Ngoc Duc

    I’m Interested in starting a data recovery company. Please quote me on the equipment I need and tutorial software (if there is any). Thank you

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Friend, We have arranged the sales manager to answer you in details.

  7. Sitthi

    I’m Interested in starting a data recovery company. Please quote me on the equipment I need and tutorial software (if there is any). Thank you

    Sitthi Chiraphan

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Sir, Please check your email and we have quoted to you with details.

  8. axskaraci

    Can I get the price for this also pls. thank you

  9. BlueTech

    Dear last week i got quote about pci express card i need also the quote of Data Recovery Start-up Suite

  10. ozkan_kilic_06

    Ben Türkiye den name özkan.veri kurtarma merkezi açmak istiyorum.Turkey in Ankara veri kurtarm merkezini kurabilmem için gerekli olan ihtiyaçlarım ile ilgili yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.e-mail

    • Stanley Morgan

      Merhaba Efendim, biz bir veri kurtarma merkezi kurmak için size detaylı tırnak e-posta adres e-postanızı kontrol edin.

  11. chuck

    would you please send me price on this start up suite.

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Friend, thank you for your comment and interest in Dolphin data recovery tools and please check your email and you will get detailed quote.

  12. rafaeltavaresgurgel

    oi tenho interesse em saber os preÇos seus dispostivos sao otimos moro em fortaleza – ceara – brasil como posso adquirir seus produtos?
    hi I’m interested in knowing their prices are great products. i live in Fortaleza – Ceara – Brazil how can I buy your products?

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Rafael,

      We are shipping our tools worldwide by DHL express or some preferred shipping methods by users. Please check your email for product prices.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Felix

    Hola estoy interesado en su pack de recuperacion de datos y reparacion de discos, asi como los entrenamientos que puedan servir para el comienzo de un nuevo proyecto de trabajo, si serian tan amables de mandar cotizacion de todos los produsctos que les solicito asi como guia para los mismos, Saludos

    • Stanley Morgan

      Hola amigo,

      Por favor, consultar su correo electrónico y le hemos dado respuesta detallada incluyendo nuestra hoja de datos y cotización.

      También se puede encontrar en el archivo adjunto nuestro catálogo de productos con todos nuestros datos de precios.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mario King

    Gotta say you products are impressive please send me a quote for the DFL DR PRO 3.0

    Thank you

  15. Seng Kock Tan


    I’m interest on your product. Can you send me a quote for the recovery tool.
    Did you have any tool for Flash Drive or usb thumb drive recovery tool?

    Thank You


    • Stanley Morgan

      Hello Seng,

      We have emailed you details on the start-up suite, I am sorry we don’t have special tool for flash drives but soon in the near future.

  16. Abdl Khaliq

    can you please send us the prices, i am really intrested in this. can you send me the quotation for this product

  17. Sherab Dorji

    Please provide me the price of DFL DR PRO 3.0 .

    • Stanley Morgan

      Please check your email and you will find price details and special offer during March 23-31.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hello all, Dolphin Data lab has updated this startup package with our latest data recovery hardware and software technologies and this will help all users further for achieving great success in data recovery.

  19. santhoshkumar

    I have plan to start data recovery business , what is the cost for DFL DR PRO 3.0 . 2.0 Tools . and firmware repair tool for Seagate. WDC and others .please provide me complete details Thank u

    • DRdolphin

      Please check your email for price details or you can contact our reseller in India for more localized support if you wish.
      Reseller in India:
      Smart Computech (India)

      FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
      Phone: 9727421981
      Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
      Email :
      Skype ID: smart.computech

  20. nareshbhootra

    i want to start data recovery business, so pls quoate me the price for your segate & western degital . hard drive

    naresh bhootra

  21. Simba Mtemeri

    Good day

    I am interested in starting a data recovery company. Please quote me on the equipment i need and tutorial software (if there is any). Please send me a formal quote to the supplied e mail address. Thank you

    Kind Regards
    Simba Mtemeri

    • DRdolphin

      Hello Simba, we have discussed by email for several times and if you have further questions, pls feel free to contact us.

  22. Betty Abraham

    I am interested to buy your data recovery tools. So please update me the price and other formalities

    Crystal Computers,

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