Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package


Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package

Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package is one very specially created package for professional and high-success-rate western digital hard drive refurbishing or western digital hard drive data recovery.

Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package contains the following modules:

Module 1:  Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Module

>Remove Western Digital Hard Drive ATA Password;

>Edit Model number, edit serial number, edit LBA, etc;

>Clear Smart, repair smart modules’ damage, reset smart;

>Repair damaged firmware modules, regenerate modules, extract modules from tracks, regenerate ROM.

Module 2: ROM chip read/write

To read and write ROM contents from and to ROM chips on the PCB by our high-speed USB flash programmer. This is usually used to handle dead PCBs with external ROM chips. Users should set up his own ROM database by microcode and this helps a lot during the hdd refurbishing or data recovery cases.

Module 3: Western Digital USB PCB-SATA PCB Package

This is to help conversion of the WD USB PCB to SATA PCB and have it connected directly to our WD firmware repair tool and fix the WD USB hdd firmware failure at a higher success rate when the USB drives cannot be detected by the USB working channel.

Module 4: Western Digital Firmware Resources

This contains the standard firmware backups of different families of WD hard drives, common refurbishing firmware resources, WD ATA database and WD ROM database of Marvell L series.

Module 5: Smart Hard Drive Power Controller Board

This smart power controller board can connect 4 hard drives at the same time which is mainly used for hdd refurbishing to run offline self test to repair bad sectors.



Module 6: Western Digital Repair And Recovery Case Studies and Manuals


Any more question is welcome on Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package by email to sales@dolphindatalab.com

2 reviews for Western Digital Hard Drive Firmware Repair Package

  1. Virgilio Moiane

    Olà peço os preços de farramente de recuperação de dados , estou em Moçambique .

  2. Alejandro

    Buenas tardes necesito el costo total del paquete de reparación WD hd firmware incluyendo los costos de envio a Argentina.

    • Stanley Morgan

      Muy señor mío: Compruebe por favor su email y te dan cita detallada sobre la SRP para WD.

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