Data Recovery Training U-disk Plus



Data Recovery Training U-disk Plus

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Data Recovery Training U-disk Plus is actually one 16-GB U disk containing many valuable data recovery training contents  in pdf and video format which will definitely help users who starts a business or who wants to enhance their data recovery capabilities. It helps users with any data recovery tools.


Dolphin Data Lab is not only offering the top-class data recovery tools to data recovery engineers worldwide, but the most important we offer users the knowledge and tips to use the tools well, this is why we created this training U-disk plus.

Within data recovery market, not many people are willing to share their data recovery knowledge and secrets because they spend a lot of time and money to find out and test those knowledge and tips. Here within Dolphin Data Lab, we are willing to share these knowledge and tips with all our users and help them on a easier way of success in this field. Let’s see what’s included in the data recovery training U-disk plus:

New added within 2018

27 DDP data recovery videos on different cases;
23 Seagate hdd firmware repair videos on different cases;
26 WD hdd firmware repair videos on different cases;
5 Toshiba hdd firmware repair videos;
10 Hitachi hdd firmware repair videos.

New added 03/19/2015

1, How to have clear data recovery mind and increase your success rate of data recovery (both video and pdf);
2, How to How to diagnose drives and find solutions(both video and PPT)

New added 11/07/2014

1, How to recover lost data from the latest WD USB hard drive (PCB1961 case study);
2, More DDP, WD, ST case studies are added.

New added 07/23/2014

1, How to diagnose Seagate hard drives;
2, How to manually fix WD slow problems by module editing (extremely useful for some new wd drives, specially WD usb drives);

New added 05/02/2014

1, More Western Digital Common Firmware Resources of Laptop and Desktop Had Drives Are added;
2, More live case studies are added.

New added 11/27/2013
1, How to select compatible SATA PCB for USB PCB;
2, Detailed steps on how to fix one ready then busy USB hard drive with image instructions and video;
3, HAWK Family-PCB1335 series common firmware is added;
4, Common Fw for PCB1444, 1477, 1494, 1552 and 1563 with 2 heads or 4 heads is added.

New added 11/22/2013

1, Seagate 7200.10 and before repair guides including pdf instructions and videos;
2, Seagate F3 repair and recovery guides based on DFL-STII including pdf instructions and videos;

Standard Training Contents

1, Must-know Data Recovery Basics;
2, WD ROM Database L-series;
3, WD Firmware Resource;
4, WD ATA Database;
5, USB HDD Solutions(USB HDD Handling Tips; USB-SATA Interface Guides; USB-hard-drive-data-recovery-case-study; USB-SATA image guides; USB PCB-SATA PCB compatibility List.);
6, PCB Swap & Hot swap for different hdd brands;
7, DFL-Common-Fw;
8, DFL-DE and DDP Videos;
9, DFL-WDII Videos;
10, Data Center Setup Tips;
11, Head And Platter Swap Documents(Description of hard drive components;hard-drive-head-floating;manual-head-adjustment; HDD Platter Density Lookup; Seagate/WD/Maxtor/Hitachi/Fujitsu/Toshiba/Samsung Head Swap Compatibility & Donors; WD Head Swap Case Study; WD HDD Head Replacement Tips; head replacement tips; head and platter swap image guides.);
12, Dolphin User Manuals-advanced guides(DFL-DE, DFL-DDP and DFL-WDII detailed manuals will be included);
13, Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools setup programs and firmware upgrade programs;
14, Case Studies & Technical Documents based on DFL-DE, DDP and WDII including the following:
There’re totally 32 case studies and technique documents within the training U-disk plus.

* How To Handle ROM Write Failure.pdf;
* When And How To Use Head Adaptive Editing.pdf;
* How To Do Data Recovery By Writing Key Data Modules.pdf
* Bad-Sector-Repair-After-Format-Fail-With-DFL-WDII.pdf
* DFL-DE-Fixing-Clicking-WD-HDD-By-Head-Map-Editing-In-RAM.pdf;
* DFL-WDII Fixs PCB1698 And Newer Undetected WD HDDs.pdf;
* DFL-WDII Format and Translator Regeneration, Selfscan and Servo Calibration.pdf;
* DFL-WDII Helps To Fix Unstable Read With Many Colored Blocks By Editing Adaptives Manually.pdf;
* DFL-WDII Repairs Bad Sectors.pdf;
* DFL-WDII-Checking-Modules-On-ABA-Removing-Bad-Sectors.pdf;
* DFL-WDII-HDD-Repair-Case-Study-Depop-head-0.pdf;
* DFL-WDII-Helps-To-Fix-Clicking-WD-HDD.pdf;
* DFL-WDII-Low-Level-Format.pdf;
* Fast-Data-Recovery-By-Fixing-Partition-Error-Using-DFL-DE.pdf;
* Find-out-bad-heads-and-cut-heads-With-DFL-WDII.pdf;
* How To Cut Heads For PCB1640 Or Newer PCB Series.pdf;
* How-To-Change-Rom-Size-From-192KB-To-256KB-For Successful-ROM-Write.pdf;
* How-To-Create-Real-Compatible ROM-For-New-WD-HDDs-With-Dynamic-Module-01.pdf;
* how-to-fix-head-damaged-hard-drives-with-dfl-de.pdf;
* How-To-Fix-Laptop-2.5-Inch-Undetected-HDD.pdf;
* How-To-Fix-Small-Scratched-Area.pdf;
* How-To-Recover-Head-Damaged-Hard-Drives-With-Bad-Sectors-In-SA.pdf;
* How-To-Regenerate-P-list-With-DFL-WDII.pdf;
* New-WD-HDD-ROM-Regeneration-By-DFL-WDII-Version-2.4.pdf;
* Repair-Dead-WD-HDD-Modify-MR-JOG-Parameters-For-Data-Recovery-Purpose.pdf;
* Repairing-Undected-WD-PCB-1640-HDDs-by-DFL-WDII-HDD-Repair-Tool.pdf;
* Repair-WD10EARS-HDD-With-Many-Bad-Sectors-Of-Green-Red-Blocks.pdf;
* Repair-WD10EVDS-Dragafly2-HDD-Being-Very-Slow-With-Many-Bad-Sectors.pdf;
* Safe Mode-Kernel Mode.pdf;
* Sector Access Interruption Fixed by DFL-DE.pdf;
* USB-hard-drive-data-recovery-case-study.pdf;
* WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1 Data Recovery Case Study-Full Analysis.pdf;

Please note: Above item 12 and item 13 are not available within the training U-disk plus for users who don’t have our data recovery tools. Dolphin Data Lab is happy to answer all questions by ordering this data recovery training U-disk plus.

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