Dolphin Online Data Recovery Training



Dolphin Online Data Recovery Training

Dolphin Data Lab has well prepared and now released this online data recovery training course specially for those who want to start a data recovery business or those who are newly using Dolphin data recovery tools.

Well start is half done, Dolphin data recovery engineers will help to find the best and shortest path for your data recovery success.

4 days
3 hours each day

What clients can learn from this online data recovery training course?

Day 1
What kind of data recovery cases we can meet in daily recovery jobs?
What tools and what methods in general to use to fix different cases?Hard drive key soft and hard components and how they work

Day 2
Seagate Firmware modules
Seagate hdd common problems and solutions
Seagate common commands

Day 3
WD firmware modules
WD common problems and solutions
WD data recovery cases

Day 4:
Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi common problems and solutions.
When and How to use disk image, file extraction, selective head image or raw recovery
How to combine DFL tools and third-party software.

Users can order this training online by PayPal and then we have special training engineers arranged to contact the clients who ordered and schedule the training courses accordingly.