Single HDD Data Recovery

Dolphin team have received more and more requests from pc users worldwide to recover lost data and some pc users even ask for purchasing data recovery tools to recover the data by themselves.

For this kind of single hdd data recovery, Dolphin data recovery tools are not recommended because if users just use Dolphin tools for one single case, the tools are not cost-effective.

So what solution Dolphin team can offer for this kind of single hdd recovery case?

Firstly, Dolphin team will help these pc users to analysze the possible failure causes and possible data recovery tools to use to fix that kind of case and suggest the users some continuing operations to treat the patient drives correctly, for pc users losing the data, never try to open it or use some data recovery software to run some repeated recovery attempts which may cause permanent data loss.

Secondly, Dolphin team have users worldwide with complete Dolphin hdd recovery solutions and tools. Dolphin team will help find out the best data recovery service supplier and recommend to the pc users and then users can bring or send the patient drives to these professional data recovery companies.

Thirdly, for some complicated recovery cases, Dolphin remote support engineers can help all Dolphin users(recommended data recovery companies to pc users) to fix those cases together and increase the success rate and even sometimes make some impossible recovery possible.

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