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There’re many Western Digital patient hard drives suffering bad sectors in the service area and users cannot operate on the firmware modules properly. At this time, if the firmware modules are corrupted, the patient drives become undetected, the data area becomes inaccessible, what to do to get the lost data back?

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can swap the heads and the firmware area can be read properly. Some heavy drives or drives with multiple platters require adaptive rom to write to enhance heads’ read and write capabilities.

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can use hot swap method by DFL-WD hdd repair tool to read original firmware modules and then use hot swap method again to recover lost data from original drives. The key is to find one good donor drive.

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users need to change the module size by DFL-WD firmware repair tool to bypass the bad sectors, this one is very helpful, no need to find donor head or donor hard drive;

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can shift the bad sector firmware module by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool to one free good track without bad sectors and users can write the good module to the new track selected.

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This is one Seagate ST4000VX013 hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case study for one Dolphin user in India.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: ST4000VX013-2XG104
Family: B2
Capacity: 4TB

ST4000VX013 Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:
Clicking noises; Spin up and down; partitions lost

ST4000VX013 Required HDD Repair Tools and Data Recovery Equipment
DFL-Seagate hdd repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

ST4000VX013 HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps
01: Backup head adaptive module;
02: Swap heads and write donor adaptive data by DFL-Seagate hdd repair tool;
03: Backup sys35 NGlist;
04: Clear g-list and regenerate translator;
05:  Repair data offset;
06: Disable vacant active;
07: Reverse scan to get all lost partitions by DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

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With DFL-WD hard drive firmware repair tool, users can easily recover the lost data from Western Digital Hikvision DVR password protected hard drives.

The patient hard drive in this article was one Western Digital SMR hard drive, 2TB, PCB-810011.

When users connect the patient hard drives to computers or data recovery hardware, the data area was not accessible, the firmware area was locked too.

To recover the lost data from the Western Digital Hikvision DVR hard drive, users need to remove the firmware lock by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool and then within the WD hdd firmware repair software, there’s one function to remove the dvr password for this patient hard drive.

After fixing the DVR password protection issue, users can make best use of the original PCB to recover the lost data by DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

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It’s possible to recover the lost data from Western Digital Hitachi Helium drives at high success rate!

Data Recovery from Tested HDD models with UNC error:

Capacity 16TB
Capacity 16T
Capacity 14TB
Capacity 12TB
Capacity 8TB
Capacity 8TB

Failure Symptoms:

detected but data area was not accessible, full of bad sectors and reporting UNC error

Dolphin team have helped many users worldwide to recover the lost data from above or similar Western Digital helium hard drives!

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This is one very successful Western Digital SMR Charger hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case. This patient charger hard drive spun up and down repeatedly and seemed like head failure but actually not.

The user tried to swap heads of the patient hard drive but the failure symptoms remained the same.

With the help of Dolphin remote support engineer, the user changed the original heads back to patient hdd.

To recover lost data from this failed charger drive, the user converted the USB interface to SATA by G3 800067 USB to SATA data recovery adapter, backup the original ROM, generate unlock rom by DFL-WD firmware repair tool, disable 411 and write unlock rom.

Next the engineer made a backup of the important firmware modules, specially the module 190, both copy 0 and copy 1. After testing the module 190, the copy 0 190 was corrupted but copy 1 was still good. So the engineer wrote copy 1 190 to copy 0. It was very lucky after the good copy of 190 was written, the engineer enabled 411, power off and on and the patient hdd was repaired successfully.

In many cases, both copies of 190 were corrupted and users need to use DFL-DDP data recovery tool to repair the 190 and finally users need to load the 190 or T2Data to the RAM automatically to fix the all 0000 issue.

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This case study teaches how to recover lost data from one undetected Western Digital WD10EZEX hard drive.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number-WD10EZEX-00RKKA0
Family: Tressels
Head number: 2
PCB: 2060-771824

Patient HDD symptoms:

Western Digital hdd firmware repair and data recovery steps:

1, Connect patient hdd to DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool;
2, Power on patient hdd, the patient hdd was not detected, load loaders automatically by selecting the donor firmware path with the same microcode;
3, Refresh Id or re-enter the program without power off the hdd, the patient hdd was still not detected;
4, Test the firmware modules and found module 11 and 12 were damaged;
5, Found donor firmware module 11 and 12 of the same microcode and wrote the modules to patient HDD;
6, Power off and on and refresh the HDD ID, the patient HDD was repaired successfully;
7, Connect patient HDD to DFL-DDP data recovery hardware and all lost data was recovered.

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My Surface Pro won’t turn on or start?
How to recover lost data from failed Surface pro laptops?

The following are some commmon data recovery cases of Surface Pro. laptops:

Logical Surface Pro data recovery cases
The users suffer some accidental file deletion, format, etc, engineers just need to use some good data recovery software to scan the deleted files and get them recovered easily;

Bad Sector Surface Pro data recovery cases
Users need to use some professional data recovery hardware such as DFL-URE Plus to image the surface pro laptop data drive chip by surface pro data recovery adapter.Users can also use other similar NVME data recovery equipment to work with the surface pro data recovery adapter.

Power failure or motherboard dead Surface pro data recovery cases
The surface pro won’t turn on or start but the data drive chip is in good status. This type of case is easy, users just need the Surface Pro. data recovery adapter USB version to read the chip by USB port on your computers, users can easily view and get all the lost data.

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Here is our arrangement for this holiday:
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3.Product delivery service is not available during holiday period.

Thank you for your attention, and sorry for inconvenience caused.

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Note: When users are trying to install the G3 800041 USB to SATA adapter, the following tips are important:

01: Remove the screws on the margin of the HDD;

02: Separating the screw of the soldering metal dot;

Order G3 2060-800041 USB to SATA Data Recovery Adapter here

How to install G3 USB to SATA Data Recovery Adapter

“USB device not recognized!”
“The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. ”
‘The folders and files in the USB flash drive are not opening.”

This is one patient USB flash drive with above errors from one Dolphin user in China. It’s not possible to recover the lost data by data recovery software only because the patient drive is very unstable.

To recover the lost data from this patient USB drive of 32GB, the user used DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery express.

The user connected the patient USB drive to the DFL-URE USB port, powered on the drive, set up one new disk image project, with the default settings, the user started the disk image, it took about 32 hours to complete the disk image, the patient drive kept generating errors during the whole imaging process, luckily all the sectors were imaged successfully and finally all the lost folders and files were opening normally from the target drive.

Users can watch above video case study here.

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