Many users worldwide get connected to Dolphin Data Lab.

This is one DFL user from Australia asking to get data recovery equipment from Dolphin Data Lab.

“Hi Sir,
I am just wondering with this devices to my workshop home base business running in Australia,
can you provide  following device price and supporting documents.

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This is one returning client from Brazil who has used Dolphin DFL data recovery tools for almost 10 years and now this client wishes to buy DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment to set up one new data recovery lab in another city. Read more

This is one new client from South Africa who wishes to start their data recovery business by Dolphin Data Recovery Start-up Suite.


This is one new client from Deutschland requesting to get Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software.

‘Pls send us your quotation for:
1x Dolphin DVR Pro plus 2 Years Update

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This is one Dolphin returning client from Indonesia.


I want to ask do you sell ROM reader? How much is the price?
And how much is the price for DFL-URE?

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Tahseen here from Pakistan, I am doing data recovery business (logical issues like bad sector, partition recovery, etc). But now i want to start at advance level. So i need your guidance on following cases.
1- Data recovery from physical demage drives
2- Data recovery from SSD Drives.

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Seagate hard drive 3TB show 3.86GB only.
will the DFL-SRP For Seagate Firmware Repair Tool fix the hard drive?
what is the difference between Firmware Repair Tools and All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment?

Can you give me a cost for the repair?

Thank you

Best Regards,

Seagate HDD of 3.86GB has two types’ of failure: firmware failure or head failure, users need to check if the patient hdd is clicking or not, scratching or not and also need to check the output error messages in the COM terminal.

“Hello there,

to recover deleted data from harddisk
the cost of the required devices and vehicles and how to send them to Turkey.
I will be glad if you can help on this issue.

I say good work
Best regards”
Users can order Dolphin DFL data recovery equipment from Dolphin reseller in Turkey:

DIFOSE (Turkey)

Addr.:Umit Mah. 2481. Sok. Kafkas Sitesi No:606810 Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
Contact: Sukru DURMAZ
Tel.: 90 312 219 56 16

Interested in your DFL Advanced Data Recovery Training course,
please send us more details like Price, and is online training available etc
This is one data recovery training request from one Indian user and also one common request from other new data recovery engineers.
However, due to the COVID influence, the advanced data recovery training course is still not available for the momment. Dolphin team will release news on this once the advanced training course is available.

I have seen video on youtube: “How to Recover WD USB SATA Encrypted HDD” ( and I am interested to buy module as shown in the video: DDP DFL-DE Read more