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This is new client who wishes to buy Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software from Indonesia. Read more

This is one client from South Africa who wishes to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery tools and solutions.

‘Good Day.

I trust that you are well. Please assist me, I would like too know what the best way is to recover data from a hard drive that is encrypted. Read more

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Mi nombre es George Salinas de la ciudad Machala – Ecuador, Hace 3 años emprendí en el área de compras ventas de equipos informáticos y en reparación electrónica en laptop. Durante todo este tiempo han llegado a mi local algunos casos de fallas en discos duros (hdd no reconocido, no enciende, borrado o perdida de la información, sectores defectuosos, hdd 0MB, etc). He notado que en mi ciudad no hay soluciones a este tipo de trabajo más que unas empíricas que más del 80% terminan con resultado negativo. Read more

This is one client from Indonesia who wishes to buy DFL Seagate HDD repair tool to fix new Seagate hard drives at high success rate. Read more

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I am looking to start a data recovery business in the UK. I am ideally after your recovery suite that interfaces with the PCI-E slot, how much would that be?’ Read more

This is one Dolphin client from Turkey who wish to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery tools.

‘Hello Dear Authorized,

I am ibrahim. i’m new to data recovery. I want to establish myself a beginner level data recovery lab. It is very important that the costs are low for me in the first place. my data recovery plan is smartphones and hard drives. I want you to help me in this matter. I request you to inform me of the necessary information and relevant prices. Read more

This is one DFL client from USA.


I have a personal WD drive that has lost the partition and is encrypted. It was working one day, then all the files disappeared. I only need the software to unlock this drive, and have no intention of using it for anything professional or money making. Do you have a 7 day trial (or temporary license), so that I can attempt to repair this drive. Read more

Necesito comprar un equipo o software que me permita arreglar problemas disco Seagate. Que no es posible borrar lista NGR pues por error realizamos el procedimiento de eliminar en serie a 100 unidades de 500gb, la lista G y por consiguiente el traductor no se puede restaurar, sin borrar la lista G de No residentes, agradezco la información.

Mil gracias


Tool recommended: DFL-SRP For Seagate Firmware Repair Tool

This is one Dolphin user from Australia.

‘Hi folks

i´ve got a WD external HDD with PCB 2060-810035-000 Error. I cannot access the drive, the PCB is broken.
SO what do i need to access my data?
If I buy your:WD 2060-810035 Recovery Unlock PCB with the HDD Rom Chip Reader. Read more

This is one Dolphin client from India.

‘I am arull from india looking buy WD DFL-SRP please send me complete
pricing like shipping charges, customs. etc’

DFL-SRP USB3.0 for WD is one very professional western digital hard drive firmware repair tool, users can use this tool to repair undetected wd hard drive, reset smart, remove password, even help on some data recovery cases users forget the smartware password, users can also use this hdd repair tool to backup firmware, edit firmware and repair firmware modules…