Run a pc recycle & reuse pcs for businesses

Hi, I run a pc recycle & reuse pcs for businesses, and resell ’em. In cases where I receive SAS drives, including servers, I am unable to data wipe the sas drives, for I don’t have servers (w/SAS intereface) set up with Windows. I data wipe my SATA drives in Windows 10, or Windows 7. But I lose the capacity, e.g., server workstation with sas interface, to read SAS drives w/out setting up a Dell Server (which I don’t want to do). So my question is:
A) Can the Sata to SAS adapter interface work without the Data Recovery Tool, to be read in Windows 10 or 7 (on a pc workstation)? B) Secondly, if so (can it be read), can I do the DATA wiping, without corrupting the sectors, once wiped? C) If the DATA recovery tool is needed to both read & recover (with the adapter in an effort to data wipe), can data wipe be done in Windows 10/7?

I never offered data recovery before, because of the investment in time and money, but will consider it. I am more interested in data wiping, since once I received hardware (e.g., Servers, PCS, Workstations), I consequently have to address & guarantee data privacy and security associated with the hard drives (SAS or otherwise) in order to salvage the drives. Thanks

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