Purchasing Tips For New Users

Latest Notice For Clients from Brazil:

The unique ID number starting with CPF for individual purchases or CNPJ for company purchases is a must-have element for all the shipping companies to take our data recovery tools and ship them to destination places within Brazil.

Latest Notice For Clients from India:

PAN number is a must for all Indian individual clients and IEC code is a must for all Indian companies for customs‘ use.

Latest Update on How to Purchase from Dolphin Data Lab

After the clients order the products and pay for them by PayPal, we will manually review them within 12 hours and then process the order and confirm with the buyers on shipping arrangement and some support issue.

To buy from Dolphin Data Lab-dolphindatalab.com, you need to give us detailed request of which data recovery tools you want to buy, what kind of data recovery cases you want to handle, range of data recovery services you expect to offer, your estimated budget, your own knowledge or company background or your aim so that we can suggest to you with the best offer. However, if you are clear about the tools or solutions listed on our website, you can simply tell us your shipping address and some other minor information for shipping so that we can give you a quick quote including the product and shipping prices.

To buy from dolphindatalab.com, you can either email to sales@dolphindatalab.com or use the online order form with the above requested information.

Purchase Process:

1, Free data recovery consultation and discussion on clients’ data recovery needs and decide which data recovery tools and solutions to go with;
2, Set up one mutually agreed prices and terms on the tools, shipping, payment method;
3, Issue one proforma invoice to the clients;
4, Full payment to supplier according to the invoice;
5, Fast and on-time delivery to clients;
6, Track, receive and confirm the delivery.

Combination Purchases 

If users are planning to order more than one products, users can contact us at sales@dolphindatalab.com for further discussion.

Payments We accept:

Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union

Our online shopping cart is configured with PayPal. However, we prefer payment by Bank transfer due to the high transfer cost of PayPal. By Bank transfer or Western Union, users can contact us and get a quote with different prices due to the transfer cost difference.

Shipping Methods:

Air Mail, DHL, Air Cargo, Clients can let us know which shipping method you prefer or you may have shipping account and you want to pay the shipping by yourself, this is no problem too.

Shipping cost is decided by the clients’ location, the product shipping weight and the shipping method.

 Total Prices:

The total cost of getting the data recovery tools and solutions are decided by: Product cost, Shipping cost, Insurance cost, whether you have valid VAT /FPA number, etc. Anyway, we can give you the best suggestion and solution on this one to minimize the cost for clients. Do please contact us by email or the online quote form if you want your purchase really cost-effective.

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