Dolphin Data Lab offers users world-class data recovery tools and firmware repair tools, what’s more important, Dolphin Data Lab offers users the best technique support, firmware resources, donor seeking assistance, detailed user manuals and video case studies and pdf documents, etc. All in all, what Dolphin Data Lab offers to our users are more like complete data recovery solutions or one real way of data recovery success.

October 31, 2015 New Data Recovery Tools We Developed and Released

DFL PCIe-4x Data Recovery Equipment

Jan. 2015 New Data Recovery Tools We Developed And Released

DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

2014 New Data Recovery Tools We Developed And Released

DFL-FRP Firmware Repair Tool
DFL-URE USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

2013 New Data Recovery Tools We Developed And Released

DFL-Data Dr. Pro USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

2012 New Data Recovery Tools We Developed & Released

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool
DFL-WDII HDD Firmware Repair Tool

According to our years’ data recovery experience, we’ve entered into joint venture agreements with different manufacturers and suppliers of data recovery tools and solutions. We help all our clients to purchase the right tools at the best prices with our add-on premium-like free data recovery services. We keep searching and testing the quality of tools and support of new suppliers so that we can sign agreements with them and add their products into our “green” database.

Data Recovery Solutions we offer

Data Recovery Tools and Solutions You can buy from Dolphin Data Lab

  • Data Recovery Software for hard drives, flash drives, CD/VCD/DVD-optical drives, tapes, server raids and other data storage devices
  • Data Recovery Hardware/Equipment including hard drive repair hardware tools, disk imaging hardware, data extractor, flash extractor, chip-off data recovery hardware, chip readers, SSD data recovery hardware, etc
  • Hard Drive Head Replacement Tools/Platter swap tools/Motor Unstuck tools
  • Soldering tools including soldering iron, soldering station and rework station
  • Hard drive adapters, converters and other converters
  • Firmware donors, PCBs, donor hard drives, etc
  • Other data recovery tools and resources…

Why you should buy data recovery tools and solutions from Dolphin Data Lab

  1. We are in data recovery field for over 10 years and we offer data recovery services as well to our local users and therefore we know what kind of cases users will face and we will then add new functions and solutions to fix these cases;
  2. Dolphin board members reach all Dolphin users and their feedback and suggestions on the tools and all possible bugs, new features request can be handled properly in the first time;
  3. All tools from Dolphin Data Lab are portable and easy to use, users can easily install all our tools on both desktop or laptop;
  4. Dolphin team always deliver quick support and frequent software upgrade to our tools to make sure users always use the latest hardware and software technologies.
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