Dolphin Data Lab Premium Data Recovery Consultation!

We’ve recently received many inquiries in dealing with setting up one professional data recovery center for their organizations including contacts from Law enforcement agencies, enterprises and common IT companies who wants to add one more sector in their business service offering.

Our data recovery specialists have spent a lot of  their valuable time in writing and preparing everything related to set up one professional data recovery center so that these organizations won’t waste their time and money in some outdated and poor data recovery tools and unnecessary data recovery sectors and materials.

Price of our premium customized data recovery solution and proposal by Data Recovery Specialist: USD2000 deposit or USD100 per hour.


At this price, clients get the following contents:

1, One professional data recovery specialist for offering professional suggestions and solutions especially arranged for the client’s data recovery needs until the data recovery center is set up successfully;

2, Detailed technical documents written based on the size and configuration of the data center, selective data recovery tools for all storage medias from different manufacturers, estimated cost of different tools, data recovery training courses available, etc;

3, Technical demonstration of different data recovery tools;

4, Components included in the data center, including the level 1 data recovery stations, clean room set-up, flash recovery and soldering stations;

5, Documents and suggestions on data recovery resources, such as firmware donors, heads and PCB resources, donor heads, flash controllers, etc.

Setting up a Data Recovery Center

A data recovery centers needs to be broken up into individual work stations or tasks to handle the different stages of data recovery. There are three separate stations designed to handle all these tasks. One is first level recovery stations, second is clean room stations and three is Flash recovery and solder stations.


Dolphin Data Lab is the world’s first supplier of such professional data recovery solution to different types of organizations and users are able to get more details by email to At the same time, Dolphin Data Lab is offering the latest data recovery tools with latest data recovery technologies.

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