Dolphin Data Lab is able to offer you the world-class data center or clean room setup solution and you can also hire us for some time to construct the professional data recovery lab with clean room or you just require our professional data recovery consultation services and we will teach you everything to set it up and have it work full-functionally.

You can get a free quote with your special requirements or email us by to get more details.

Selecting data recovery tools for your data recovery center based on experience with the tools. Choosing the right tools; for your needs to set up a full functioning data recovery center.

With the approval of you and a purchase order or other means of ordering these tools working with the manufacture to order the tools needed for your data recovery center and ensuring delivery to your office. This includes all hand tools, special ventilation for soldering, special tools that we need and used each day for data recovery. The tools would included the complex data recovery tools to work with the HDD at low levels, imagers, soldering and hot air stations, logical programs, and all the hand tools and necessary equipment for your clean room. Ordering the special material needed to build and construct your clean room and helping to design and stock your clean room.

Designing your data recovery center so that it is fully functional; including: clean room, inventory room, soldering station, imaging, logical recovery, low level tools for working in the hard drive service area, and stock

You can supply us with your requirements needed and what you would estimate your volume to be for recovery cases. We will then submit to you a detailed listing of what material is needed to do the job. What tools have to be ordered, how to set up each tool, how to design the location where the work station will be, and how to build and set up your clean room. I can do a complete floor plan for you to show you how to set up your office and estimate the space for each section. Once all the material has arrived and you would like help in setting up each work station it is possible to bring our data recovery professors there to your location for two to three weeks to help set up your data recovery center. We can help in the building of your clean room and make sure that the material is installed correctly and all material needed is there for you to install when it is time to build your clean room.

For logical recovery there are some programs used that is needed to do this job. We will give you a listing of these programs and if you like help ordering them for your company. You computers should be set up in a specific way as to work with the tools and logical recovery. Each work stations in data recovery works best with Windows XP Pro 32-bit operating system. When the manufactures designed the tools they were designed to run on this program. In our experience it is best to run the program in English and not your native language. We have had issues running these programs using the French operating systems and when switching over to the English operating system corrected these problems.

You office should have the following:

1. Clean room location with clean room supplies
2. Logical recovery stations set up for only working on logical recovery
3. Stations set up to work with the different tools and different hard drives
4. A soldering room with proper ventilation for doing all your soldering needs
5. Cloning Station and imagers to clone the HDD after they have been repaired
6. Flash recovery Stations with the tools used in flash recovery
7. Flash recovery Stations used to de-mix and reassemble the dump
8. Inventory or stock room set up with the hard drives used as donor drives
9. Scrap room for all drives that are non useable and need to be sold or destroyed for scrap
10. Your forensic lab and recovery

We look forward to hearing from you, your thoughts on what you need, what your goals are, what is your time frame to achieve these goals, and if you have a budget so it can make it easier to purchase what is needed and not exceed your budget.

You can get a free quote with your special requirements or email us by to get more details.

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