After you have started a data recovery business and manage to run it well, it takes you a lot of time and money investment but finally you made it and started earning good profit within your data recovery business! However, we face new and continuing competition including more local data recovery service suppliers, new data storage technologies, new and more complicated encryption algorithms, etc. We must keep learning to catch up with the pace.
How to grow your data recovery business when you face more local data recovery service suppliers?

It’s not bad but a good thing to learn there’re more local data recovery service suppliers because this usually means the market is becoming bigger and more people need to recover their lost data.  However, if you don’t know what to do and how to face this competition, you will fall behind others and lose.

Let’s look into the following questions and see if you’re clear enough:

1, Do you know how much your competitors are charging for different data recovery cases?

2, Do you know how many data recovery cases can your competitors handle each day/week?

3, Do you know your own unique advantages and your competitors’? What kind of data recovery cases you can handle but your competitors cannot? What kind of cases you cannot but competitors can do?

4, What data recovery tools your competitors are using? How do they rate them?

5, What kind of data storage devices the clients are using and what kind of failures do they have most with these devices?


How to grow your data recovery business when new data storage technologies are deployed ?

When new data storage technologies are used, there’re more new families of hard drives, flash drives, SSDs, etc. Are your existing data recovery tools or technologies capable enough to fix the new ones? Do your data recovery tools suppliers offer real time upgrades to their tools or have you already mastered some special data recovery tips or DIY data recovery solutions to take care of them?


How to grow your data recovery business from logical data recovery to a wider range of data recovery services?

There’re many one-man data recovery business or family data recovery businesses in the data recovery market and in the beginning when they are starting a data recovery business, they don’t have a good budget for much-higher-cost data recovery hardware tools or they don’t have enough data recovery knowledge and therefore, they start with some simple data recovery software programs or they use their own simple DIY data recovery solutions. What data recovery software can fix are mostly logical data recovery cases and if you’re planning to expand your data recovery business, you’ve found a good opportunity right now. What you need most at this stage are more reliable data recovery tools and some professional advanced data recovery training courses. You need to learn more advanced data recovery tips and technologies from others and your suppliers.

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