Head and Platter Swap Pro. Standard


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Head and Platter Swap Pro. Standard

Note: Dolphin team has released the most complete head platter swap and clean tools: Dolphin Head and Platter Swap and Clean Suite.Pro and this tool can completely replace the Head and Platter Swap Pro.Standard.

Please also note: The Head And Platter Swap Pro.Standard won’t fix all your cases or support all hdds, success rate comes from who to use, how to use and the donor quality to use. Please make sure this is what you really need before you buy.

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Head And Platter Swap Pro. Standard is one professional and high-precision manufactured hard drive head replacement and platter swap tool. This is one advanced head and platter swap tool used in qualified clean room data recovery cases. If you’re new to data recovery field, this tool helps you to practice head and platter swap easily and if you are already in data recovery field and offering physical data recovery services, this tool helps to enhance your physical data recovery success rate.

Please note: We have one upgraded version of this head and platter swap pro.standard and it’s the head and platter swap pro. advanced version which has major improvement on the platter exchangers.

In order to enhance the head and platter swap success rate, we have released one new head replacement tool-HDD Head Combs Pro. This tool is professionally designed to separate the heads for a secured replacement. Users buy Head And Platter Swap Pro.Standard usually buy HDD Head Combs Pro together and the best choice is the Head and Platter Swap Package 2 which helps users get all the necessary head and platter swap components and save money.

Physical Components Included in Head and Platter Swap Pro.

Head and Platter Swap Operation Console



This operation console of head and platter swap pro. is easy to use to install either 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard drives and properly fix them so that clean room engineers are able to disassemble the hard drives stably and safely.  Do please remember a tiny mistake or accident in opening the drives may damage the heads or scratch the sensitive platters and your data will be gone forever.

2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD Platter Exchangers




Within Head and Platter Swap Pro., there’re four platter exchangers, two for 2.5″ laptop HDD and two for 3.5″ hard drives’ platters. We have improved the design of the exchangers and it is able to better protect the platters from being contaminated  and users are more convenient to swap the platters with higher success rate by keeping the alignment of platters.

Magnet Remover


When you are using the magnet remover, please make sure you use it correctly by touching from the side of the top magnet instead of vertical touching.

Screw Remover Toolkit

HDD Dust Remover


Clean Room Gloves

What kind of physical data recovery cases can the head and platter pro. be used to fix?

Head and Platter Swap Pro is mainly used to handle hdd inside components damage:

  1. The R/W heads are partially or totally damaged and no data recovery technologies except a swap can be used to fix the damage and recover the lost data;
  2. The R/W heads are physically read only(Please note here: When there’s damage to the head adaptive parameters, the heads can be read only too if this one happens, we usually don’t need to open the drive but editing the head adaptive parameters is a better choice) and no other data recovery technologies can be used to fix it and recover the lost data;
  3. HDD motor stuck and the hdd stops spinning up or bearing seizure, breakage or short-circuit of motor phases;
  4. Clicking HDD due to head damage, the heads may be bent down or the heads are stuck to the platters, or the heads park out of the parking area, etc;
  5. Sometimes it’s also necessary to handle some drown and burnt hard drives, these drives need to be opened, cleaned and tried to swap the heads or platters;
  6. Damaged preamplifier-commutator chip.

Clean room data recovery is not one easy data recovery job because you need to at least own one clean bench and have good experience in head and platter swap. You should never stop practicing head and platter swap if you continue your data recovery business. It helps you understand more about the hdd structure and also help with  your data recovery skills improvement.

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Besides, you can view more about our advanced head and platter swap training courses here.