HDD Platter Cleaning Cloth



HDD Platter Cleaning Cloth

HDD Platter Cleaning Cloth is specially used to clean the hard drive platters for data recovery purpose. It’s important for clean room hard drive data recovery cases, especially those which are contaminated, such as water flooded hard drives, drives used in bad environment, scratched hard drives and drives with wrong/rude operations.

HDD platter cleaning must be done with proper environment, knowledge, tips and tools. HDD Platter Cleaning Cloth is one important tested hdd platter cleaning tool. Within our clean room labs, this clean wiper is used every day.

For simple contamination such as simple dusts, scratched drives, users can use this platter cleaning set directly to clean; for some difficult contamination such as finger prints or something not easy to wipe out, users need to use special customized cotton sticks with absolute alcohol and at the same time, users need this HDD Platter Cleaning Cloth to work together to clean the platters properly.

For some heavy contaminated hard drives, this one needs more proper handling and Dolphin team will introduce these special techs in Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses or premium data recovery videos.

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