HDD Platter Cleaning Power Suite

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HDD Platter Cleaning Power Suite

HDD Platter Cleaning Power Suite is one newly developped and customized external power supply cable suite. This power suite is mainly used for offering power to spin up the platters for cleaning purpose.

HDD Platter Cleaning Power Suite contains one foot switch which enables users to control the hard drive power supply very easily, users just need to step down to the switch, the power is on and release to turn off the power. This makes it very convenient and more successful to clean the platters.

To clean hard drive platters, it is important to open the hard drives in clean bench but to clean the platters effectively, users need to spin up the platters, so how to offer power to the hard drives convenients becomes important.

Users can order the advanced platter cleaning video to learn the detailed steps on how use use the necessary hdd platter cleaning tools and the power supply to clean the platters successfully.