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Learn how to recover lost data from different damaged hard drives using Dolphin data recovery tools, recover multiple faulty hdds, easy to use and powerful for worldwide users!

DFL-URE Plus Recovers Surface Pro Data Drives

DFL-URE Plus is able to connect and access to the data drives of Surface Pro. laptops version 5, 6, 7.

To connect the data drives, users need one Surface Pro BGA Data Chip Adapter NVME Version. All users need to do is to solder the data drive off the surface pro laptops and then clean the data chips. Read more →

DFL-URE Plus Recovers SATA Hard Drives

DFL-URE Plus is able to connect both 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA hard drives if users use Dolphin USB-SATA adapter and then users can make best use of the detailed settings within DFL-URE plus software to image the patient drive or extract the lost data. Read more →

DFL-URE Plus Recovers Portable External Hard Drives

DFL-URE Plus is able to connect all USB external portable hard drives directly and if these drives are detected, users can run disk image, selective head image, partition image, data-only image, file extraction, raw recovery, etc. Read more →

DFL-URE Plus Recovers NVME SSDs

NVME SSDs are more and more common in all data recovery labs worldwide but cannot find many professional nvme ssd data recovery tools. Read more →