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Learn how to recover lost data from different damaged hard drives using Dolphin data recovery tools, recover multiple faulty hdds, easy to use and powerful for worldwide users!

Samsung HM100UI No-Spin Data Recovery Steps

This is one Samsung 1TB HM100UI portable hard drive ‘no-spin’ data recovery case study from one user in Sudan.

These two clients from Sudan came to China for business and wish to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery solutions. The client brought one dead Samsung HM100UI hard drive to Dolphin head office to see how the dead Samsung hdd could be recovered.

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ST2000DM008 Nohost Data Recovery Steps-Easy Fix

This is one patient Seagate ST2000DM008 hdd firmware repair and data recovery case with NoHost failure and Dolphin engineer helped the user recover the lost data 100%.

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Seagate ST3500418AS Nohost Data Recovery Solution

This is one Seagate Pharaoh ST3500418AS HDD data recovery case study with Nohost firmware corruption and this case was fixed by DFL-Seagate firmware repair tool.

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Read Ver Failure Failed SYS SECT. Write Unable to Load Overlay

“Read Ver Failure”, “Failed SYS SECT. Write” , “Unable to Load Overlay”, these errors are very common error messages in the Seagate old hard drive COM terminal.

These error messages usually indicate the heads fail to write and the overlay cannot be loaded successfully.

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