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Learn how to recover lost data from different damaged hard drives using Dolphin data recovery tools, recover multiple faulty hdds, easy to use and powerful for worldwide users!

WD10JMVW-11AJGS4 Data Recovery Steps

Dolphin data recovery engineers are teaching the standard data recovery steps from Western Digital WD10JMVW-11AJGS4 USB3.0 My Passport hard drives.

Drive model number: WD10JMVW-11AJGS4
Capacity: 1TB
Head/Platter number: 4 heads/2 Platters Read more →

ST1000DM003 No-ID No-F3T LED Error Data Recovery Steps

This case study is to teach how to recover lost data from Seagate desktop hard drive ST1000DM003 without ID detection, without F3 T> and with LED error.

To fix this kind of failures with DFL firmware repair tools and data recovery tools, users need to make sure there’re no clicking noises. Read more →

Another ST2000LM007 Non-detected HDD was Perfectly Recovered

This is another new Seagate St2000LM007 data recovery case study from Argintina. The hdd was suddenly undetected in pc and no data was accessible.

When this case was brought to our user, the user connected the patient hdd to PC and the hdd was not detected and went to terminal, users can enter F3 T>, however, input of any command will output Diagnostic Port Locked. Read more →

WD Optimized Auto HDD Repair Steps

Dolphin team are offering more and more new and easy-to-use hdd repair and data recovery solutions to all Dolphin users and the following are the WD optimized auto repair steps.

1, Erasing Flash, Writing Flash;
2, Reset Drive …..Please wait…..Done;
3, Load ATA modules;
4, Mini Arco Testing; Read more →