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Dolphin Data Recovery Solution

All-In-One SolutionFree Updates & SuppotSimple To Use

All-in-one Solution

Top rated professional data recovery hardware solutions for HDD, SSD, DVR, etc

Free Updates & Support

Two years’ free software update and support!
Users from over 140 countries can’t be wrong!

Simple to Use

Friendly design in both data recovery hardware and software with detailed manuals, videos, etc.

Data Recovery is More Than one Serious Business!

Data recovery can help you make a good profit, make many talented friends and even create one happy family and successful life!

Data Recovery Hardware Tools

Dolphin team offers one-stop data recovery hardware and software tools to users worldwide with best technique support!

  • Easy-to-use data recovery software and hardware;
  • All-in-one HDD disk image, file extraction and firmware repair solutions;
  • Easy-to-use clean room head and platter swap tools;
  • All-in-one video recovery solution for CCTV, DVR, digital cameras, video recorders, etc;
  • Professional donor HDDs, PCBs, unlock PCBs, data decryption PCBs, EMMC chip readers, ROM chip pin readers, etc.

About Us

Users’s success is Dolphin’s success! Dolphin team care about all users’ success in their data recovery cases and business!

Dolphin team keep working hard to improve our technique support services, upgrade both our data recovery hardware and software and also R&D new data recovery solutions for HDD, SSD, DVR, etc.

  • Expert Team

    With expert team, Dolphin R&D all data recovery hardware and software based on lots of live data recovery cases.

  • Customized Solutions

    Dolphin data recovery tools and solutions treat all data recovery cases differently for the best success rate.

  • Fast Shipping

    Dolphin team offer the fastest DHL shipping services worldwide, 2-5 working days around to clients’ destination!

  • Flagship Solutions

    Dolphin team offers a wide range of flagship data recovery hardware tools with world’s leading recovery technologies!

Resellers Worldwide

Dolphin Data Lab has resellers worldwide and offer the the local sales and support services! Dolphin team keep recruiting new resellers!

To sell Dolphin data recovery tools, offer data recovery services and even data recovery training courses is one very competitive and professional business ahead of others!

What others say about us

We PCDIAG DATA RECOVER of Brazil, we are very satisfied and happy with this tool, the return on our investment was in just one month, showing that the tool is effective and policy update is serious. We strongly recommend all the tools.

I want to tell you about something, I was using DDP Pro and I am very glad. The imaging speed is very good even for disks with bad sectors. I want to buy another pretty soon and want to distribute here in Mexico. For that I need to make 3 certifications with government regulators and ask one set of devices to lab.

Hello Dolphin team, years away from ”other tools”, the best investment I have made in my life. I love it, the last post for repairing using other firmware and key modules work excellently and I have fixed 2 HDDs since yesterday using this method.

Best Regards

Hello Stanley, Igor just called me and said you guys made your tools working great! Thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it! We all do! If this is the way your support operating we are really impressed! Keep up with the great work!

Thanks again!


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