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Learn how to recover lost data from different damaged hard drives using Dolphin data recovery tools, recover multiple faulty hdds, easy to use and powerful for worldwide users!

ST2000LM007 Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps

There are more and more partial sector access for Seagate Mobile LM hard drives such as the¬†LM007, LM012, LM035, etc. There’re different types of partial sector access types.

This is one successful¬†ST2000LM007 Partial Sector Access Data Recovery case study. Dolphin engineer has helped one DFL user in USA recover 100% data from this patient drive. Read more →

ST3000DM001-1CH166 Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps

This is one successful remote data recovery case study for one DFL user in USA.

According to the user’s report, the patient drive could be properly detected and was able to enter F3 T> but when he tried to image the hard drive, he could only image 70% around of the drive and the last 30% of data was blocked. If the user tried to scan the bad sectors, full of bad sectors was found. Read more →

WD10EARS-00MVWB0 Head Swap and Firmware Repair Steps

This is one physical western digial head swap data recovery case.

When the case was received, users request Dolphin data recovery engineers to check remotely. By entering safe mode of the hard drive, the engineer could backup the ROM and run SA Bypassing function. Read more →

WD2500BEVT-60ZCT1 Undetected Capacity 0 HDD Data Recovery Steps

For WD hard drives which is undetected and capacity 0, it is not easy for common data recovery companies without professional firmware repair tools or it is impossible case for data recovery software solutions.

When the patient drive was powered on, the drive had no physical damage symptoms but when trying to detect the hard drive ID information, it failed and the hard drive model, SN, firmware version and SPT were not available and the capacity was 0. Read more →