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Learn how to recover lost data from different damaged hard drives using Dolphin data recovery tools, recover multiple faulty hdds, easy to use and powerful for worldwide users!

Easy Flash Drive Data Recovery with USBC Sector Error by DFL-DDP

To recover lost data from USB flash drives, SD, CF cards or Portable hard drives with USBC sector error is very common data recovery case and many tools in the market cannot handle it properly.

USBC error is usually caused by unexpected power loss or abnormal driver behaviors and wrong data is written to the storage medias. Please note it is not virus, just wrong data written. Read more →

WD5000LMCW-11T31S1 My Passport Smartware Forensic Data Recovery Case

This is one very important forensic data recovery case for one law enforcement agency and the user bought DFL SRP for WD to fix this case only to get the evidence files to be used in the court.

Case name: WD My Passport-Smartware Password Protected HDD Recovery Read more →

WD USB3.0 MY BOOK Portable HDD Firmware Repair and Data Decryption Steps

This is one real case study shared by one Dolphin user in Spain. When the user received this case, it is one WD USB3.0 MY BOOK hard drive. When connecting this portable drive to pc, the PC has no response at all.

The user removed the external USB3.0 enclosure and inside is one WD 3.5″ SATA hard drive-WD20EARX-32PASB0 and found also the USB interface was damaged. Read more →

One more USB HDD was Easily Recovered by DFL-URE USB HDD Recovery Tool

One neighbour company brought one patient external hard drive to our data recovery lab this morning for recovering lost data. They told us when connecting this patient drive to pc, no partitions are displayed.

The engineers tested further and found this drive is unallocated within the disk management. Read more →