Head and Platter Swap Pro. Advanced

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Head and Platter Swap Pro. Advanced

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Please note: The Head And Platter Swap Pro.Advanced won’t fix all your cases or support all hdds, success rate comes from who to use, how to use and the donor quality to use. Please make sure this is what you really need before you buy.

Head And Platter Swap Pro.Advanced is the advanced and upgraded version of Head And Platter Swap Pro.Standard. Both versions contains the same category and number of physical components. Users can read the standard version for more details about the physical components included.


Head And Platter Swap Pro.Advanced makes a great improvement on head and platter swap pro. standard for the key physical component included in the package-platter exchangers. The two 2.5″ and two 3.5″ platter exchangers are upgraded for users to swap the platters more easily with better security control. So the difference between standard version and advanced version is on the platter exchangers.

Head and Platter Swap Pro.Advanced is excellently working with the HDD head combs pro. for high success rate of head replacement and platter swap, including multiple platters exchange. Users buy Head And Platter Swap Pro.Advanced usually buy HDD Head Combs Pro together and the best choice is the Head and Platter Swap Package 3 which helps users get all the necessary head and platter swap components and save money.

What is included in Head And Platter Swap Pro.Advanced?

  1. Head and Platter Swap Operation Console, 1 piece;
  2. 2.5″ Platter Exchangers, 2 pieces;
  3. 3.5″ Platter Exchangers, 2 pieces;
  4. Magnet Remover, 1 piece;
  5. Screw Remover Toolkit, 1 piece;
  6. HDD Dust Remover, 1 piece;
  7. Tweezers, 1 piece;
  8. Clean Room Gloves, 1 pair

Head Replacement Tips and Case Studies(For users only):

1, WD Head Replacement Case Study;
2,Samsung Tested Patient HDD and Donor HDD for head replacement;
3,Western Digital and Seagate Tested Patient HDDs and Donor HDDs for head replacement;
4,Toshiba tested patient and donor HDDs for head replacement;
5, Platter Scratch Discussion & Tips;
6, Seagate HDD Models-Heads-Platters;
7, WD HDD Models-Platters-Heads.

Please note: all these hdd repair tools used for head swap and platter swap should be equipped with a clean room environment and at least users need to have some kind of qualified clean bench in order to offer physical data recovery services.

5 reviews for Head and Platter Swap Pro. Advanced

  1. :

    Ola. Sr. E posivel comprar Vosso Treinamento E o material de de Recuperação de Dados? Por favor e urgente Eu Preciso Muito

  2. :

    I am intrested in data recovery training. Is it in India?

    • :

      Dear Friend, we offer training courses in both India and Dolphin head office in China and the following is the detail of our India data recovery training center:

      Smart Computech (India)

      FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
      Phone: 9727421981
      Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
      Email : jignesh.pankhania@hotmail.com
      Skype ID: smart.computech

  3. :

    Im very much intrested in harddisk repairing . Please help me how we can take training and get tolls also

    • :

      Hello Sir,
      Pls check your email.
      We are offering training contents as below in Nov.24-28:
      Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses are not common data recovery courses users can find from other places talking about hard drive basics, data recovery principles or apparent level of generation product introduction.

      Download The Training Schedules And Training General Contents Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-wIoDGqvTA5N2xIS0VvNUpmZU0/view?usp=sharing

      Dolphin advanced training courses focus on new data recovery technologies, new hdd repair technologies, firmware-level knowledge, physical-level knowledge so that users can understand more about the secrets behind the functions, why some operations fail, why some operations succeed and how different failures are fixed in a quicker and smarter way.

      We strongly suggest those who have already some basic knowledge or who have already used Dolphin data recovery tools for some time to attend this training so that the attendees can make best of it.

      We will upload one training index soon for this advanced training course. Please keep an eye on this news.

      Address: Dolphin head office in Chengdu, China
      Dates: November 24-28, 2014

  4. 5 out of 5


    hello sir/madam
    i m intrested in harddisk repairing . tell me how we can take training and get tolls also

  5. 5 out of 5


    hello sir, is it possible we buy the platter exchangers only?

    • :

      Hello friend, thank you very much for your interest in our head and platter swap tools but we are sorry we cannot do as you said.

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