Montserrat is a British overseas territory located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies.

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Montserrat Languages:English

Montserrat CurrencyEast Caribbean Dolla (XCD)

Capital of Montserrat:Plymouth

Montserrat latest population: MS – 5,140 population (2011) – Area: 102 sq km

Montserrat Country Code: 1664

Telephone Country Code:1 664

ISO Country Code, 2 Digit:MS

ISO Country Code, 3 Digit:MSR


Montserrat internet users: 1,200 Internet users as of June/09, 23.3% penetration, per ITU.

Montserrat Electrical Outlet:

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Plug/socket/Electrical Outlet worldwide lookup table

Data Recovery Tools Used in Montserrat

Data Security tools used in Montserrat

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