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PCIe to SATA and IDE Card and Its Accessories is the newly developed hdd repair and data recovery hardware, with the same hardware, users can customize and decide the software modules to be added to the hardware for either hdd refurbishing or data recovery. Users can repair or recover 4 hard drives at the same time, 3 sata and 1 IDE ports are included.

Different from Dolphin portable data recovery equipment-DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one, DFL-DRE PCIe 4X is installed on desktop PCIe slot and it cannot used on laptop.

DFL DRE 4x has the same functions of DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one, it is able to repair firmware failures of all hard drive brands, remove password, edit ID, repair bad sectors, reset smart, image hard drives, extract lost files, repair common firmware failures by fast solutions, recover good heads first and then recover bad heads, etc.  DFL DRE-4x is abe to repair undected drives, repair busy drives, repair 0mb or wrong sized hard drives.


DFL DRE-4x contains the following software modules:

1, DRE-Data extraction module: full disk image, multiple pass image, selective head image, selective file image, partition image, data-only image; File extraction, scan lost partitions, recover data by file types, MFT scan, skip bad sector manually and automatically, fast and accurate extraction, repair common firmware failures, etc;

2, DRE-Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Module: firmware module read/write, 0mb size repair, busy repair, wrong size repair, undetected hd repair, COM port repair, SIM1009 repair, MCMT repair, SIM1002 repair, Partial sector access repair, ready and then busy repair, remove password, reset smart, etc;

3, DRE-WD HDD Firmware Repair Module: omb size repair, wrong size repair, busy repair, firmware module read/write/edit/generation, ROM read/write/generation, head test, head map edit, extract modules from tracks, force loading tech, ARCO and selftest, common fw write and repair, remove password, reset smart, etc;

4, DRE-Hitachi/IBM HDD Firmware Repair Module: ROM/NVRAM read/write/edit; Password removal, firmware module read/write/edit/regeneration, partial sector access repair, reset smart, etc;

5, DRE-Toshiba/Fujitsu HDD Firmware Repair Module: Firmware module read/write/edit; Password removal, Clear Glist, virtual translator fix, full disk bad sector repair, reset smart, etc;

6, DRE-Samsung HDD Firmware Repair Module: Firmware module read/write/edit, password removal, reset smart, LED error repair, etc.

DFL PCIe-4x Data Recovery Equipment Packing List

PCIE 4X Card x 1
HDD Power Cable x 1
COM Cable x 1
SATA Cable x 3
COM Connector x 1
3.5” IDE TO 2.5 ”IDE Adapator x 1

Hisilicon K3

To buy from Dolphin Data Lab, users get not only the top-class data recovery equipment, the most important, users get top-class technique support to fix live cases and users get unlimited resources and donors resourcing support. Users get all they need to start or grow a data recovery business successfully at one stop with Dolphin Data Lab.

How To Buy DFL PCIe DRE-4x Data Recovery Equipment

Users can select to buy this tool at one-time cost or installment plan with recharge system. Users need to email to with shipping and contact details for requesting detailed quote and proforma invoice.

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