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WD800JD Head Swap Tip-Unique Data Recovery Solution

It’s always a big headache to recover data from WD black clicking drives, specially WD800JD-00M8A1 WD black Caviar hard drives with 2 heads.

Many times we find the donor hard drives with even the same label ID information, but after we put the donor heads onto the patient drive, the patient drives keep clicking. For this kind of drives, if working on them repeatedly without success, it’s easy to create scratches on the platters and making cases worse and even unrecoverable. Read more →

Free Head And Platter Swap Tools March 21-31

Dolphin Data Lab offers complete hard drive data recovery solution to all potential Dolphin users!

Amazing News: Users get free head and platter swap tools between March 21-31, 2015 if users order Dolphin complete hard drive data recovery solutions!

For many users who want to enter data recovery business, they don’t know what tools to buy and which supplier to select and here Dolphin team tell you the only thing to check is that if the supplier has complete data recovery solutions for you. Read more →

WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0 Reset Smart And Repair Firmware Failures

This is one case study from one Dolphin user from Mexico and this client uses Dolphin tools to refurbish hard drives and he met some problem in handling these western digital enterprise level hard drives on smart clearing issue and firmware repair issue.

HDD ID details:
Model-WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0; Capacity: 2TB; PCB: 2060-771642-003 REVA;
Family: DF4PL_RE Read more →

New WD Version 2.66 For Repairing WD New Cases

Dolphin team has worked on the WD enterprise class hard drives these days and worked out some new solutions to fix these drives such as WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0 drives, etc. This drive belongs to DF4PL_RE family.

With the existing WD firmware repair tool and solutions, the hard drive firmware modules cannot be listed and it becomes empty and the whole SA is locked. Within the new version of 2.66, users see the following changes: Read more →