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Christmas Offer On Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training Courses

Are you planning to take the Dolphin data recovery training certificate back and spend one Special happy and successful Christmas?

To start a higher level of business success, Dolphin team offers users one ideal choice to enter a new field-data recovery business field with complete data recovery solutions. The shortest path to reach this goal is to select Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses. Read more →

Dolphin Is Releasing Fragmented File Recovery Utility With Innovative Techs

Dolphin fragment recovery utility aims to be the top and professional tool for fragmented file recovery.

As for traditional data recovery technologies or methods, people try to recovery lost files, check the recovered files, if the recovered files are corrupted(files cannot be opened normally), repair the recovered files, if the corrupted files cannot be repaired, this kind of recovery case is mostly given up and the data becomes permanently lost. Read more →

Dolphin Is Releasing Raid Recovery Addon To SRP or DRE-4x

In order to enable greater success for all Dolphin users, Dolphin team has worked out its own Raid recovery utility and users can use it with the current DFL series data recovery tools including the SRP all in one and our new PCIe-4x data recovery equipment.

For existing users of above tools, it’s very easy to get the raid recovery utility for free, all they need to do is to submit one successful case study to us by using Dolphin tools and Dolphin team will add the utility for free for them. Read more →

Dolphin Is Shipping Its New Data Recovery Equipment DFL-DRE Worldwide

After continuing hard work on meeting Dolphin users’ demands in dealing with different data recovery cases in their data recovery labs, Dolphin Data Lab has completed the new PCIe data recovery equipment-DFL PCIe-4x and starts to ship this new equipment to worldwide users.

DFL PCIe-4x is one advanced data recovery equipment with the same software modules and same functions as another famous DFL data recovery equipment-DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one. Read more →