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Dolphin Sydney Data Recovery Training In September 8-12

Dolphin Sydney data recovery training center has completed its latest data recovery training seminar based on the Dolphin data recovery tools during September 8-12, 2014.

Many thanks to the training engineer there who made his efforts to make more DFL users learn more about DFL series data recovery tools and love these tools.

5 students completed the course which covered all logical , imaging, firmware and physical problems and solutions. Read more →

How To Recover Lost Data From Latest WD USB3.0 Hard Drives

This is one real case study on how to recover lost data from Western Digital USB3.0 hard drives whose PCB number belongs to 1961 series.

HDD ID: 2.5” USB3.0 Hard Drive
Family-Null; Model: WDC WD20NMVW-11AV3S2; Capacity: 2TB
PCB: 1961

The engineer changed the 1961 USB PCB to 1933 SATA PCB and moved the ROM chip-U12 to the SATA PCB as well. Read more →

DFL-FRP For Hitachi Hard Drive Firmware Repair Is To Be Released

Dolphin Data Lab has completed the DFL-FRP for Hitachi hard drive firmware repair and password removal tool and the first version 1.0 will be released very soon.

For existing users with DFL-FRP hardware, whether it’s DFL-FRP for Seagate, DFL-FRP for WD or DFL-FRP for Seagate and WD, users can easily buy the Hitachi firmware repair program and have it supported in the same hardware. Read more →

DFL-URE USB3.0 New Version Is Available

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing new version of DFL-URE USB 3.0 data recovery tool-DFL-URE V1.2. In the previous versions, we have studied all functions carefully and removed some unnecessary functions and added many new features in this current new version.

Dolphin Data Lab has optimized the URE device registration and driver installation process and users can now install the DFL-URE much more easily. Users just need to go to the DFL-URE installation folder and find the driver folder for 32bit or 64bit Read more →