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External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Tips

Unrecognized External HDDs are more of the common faults in the daily life and external USB hard drive data recovery are very common cases in all data recovery labs.

how to troubleshoot the such failures and to adopt appropriate data protection measures ? Read more →

Hard Drive Data Recovery Case By Altitude Sickness

Recently Dolphin team have got some hard drive data recovery cases by hdd altitude sickness. Those clients never expected the failure on their perfectly working pc while they just come back from travelling of mountain climbing.

Dolphin clean room engineers went to the clean room, opened the hard drives and got them working again, Read more →

Important Basic Knowledge For Physical Hdd Data Recovery

Mechanical hard drive is the highest degree precision computer mechanical component, its internal cleanliness is cleaner than10 clean environment. HDD is driven by a high-speed motor to rotate counterclockwise, the voice coil motor powers drive heads for read and write operations on the platter. Read more →

Dolphin Forum Is Under Maintenance

Hello to all Dolphin users, Dolphin team is completing the forum maintenance soon before Thursday, April 14 and users can use the forum again.

Thank you for all your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Read more →