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Seagate F3 Sim Error 1002 Free Data Recovery

SIM Error 1002 has been met by more and more users when they are trying to get lost data back from Seagate F3 hard drives and this proves one difficult data recovery case for most users and from now on, Dolphin Data Lab gives out three free opportunities to people worldwide to recover lost data from Seagate F3 drives with Sim Error 1002 failure. Read more →

Important Upgrade On SRP-DE, DDP and DE May 21 2015

Dolphin team are all the time working with users’ feedback and new features request to fix the new hdd repair and data recovery cases and now we are releasing new version for DFL-SRP USB3.0 for data extraction, DFL-DDP, DFL-DE and also DFL-URE.

From now on, Dolphin team start to release the all-in-one software setup program and users of DFL-DDP, FRP and SRP can install this program and use it based on what modules have been ordered by control panel. Users can simply control each channel and control each hardware and each program. Read more →

There’s No Real Magic In Any Data Recovery Tools

The global economy development has a bad situation in these years, especially the traditional economy establishments have been severely affected and many people, companies are seeking new opportunities to survive the market and start new ventures. To start a good data recovery business is one very good choice with high level of entrance.

Within the world, very limited suppliers offer advanced and real working data recovery hardware tools and solutions, and the most important, technique support and data recovery resources. Read more →

ST500LM000 Laptop Thin SSHD Seagate 0017 Flash Erase Failure

ST500LM000  Laptop Thin SSHD Seagate case met by one Dolphin user in Belgium.

SOC PSM Mode =    0001 Atomic
SOC PSM Command = 0002 Flash Erase
SOC PSM Status =  0017 Flash Erase Failure

Clump Parametrics:

Clump = 00D4

DataType = 0000 Read more →