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A Lot Of Bad Sectors and Weak Heads – How To Recover Lost Data

When we received this patient hard drive from client, the client told us this hard drive had been used for over four years and before it died, the pc ran very slowly and finally one day the pc couldn’t start up and the client lost his data and then brought to our data recovery lab.

When we connected the patient laptop drive of Seagate 5400.6 to our DFL-DDP, it’s amazingly detected, when we tried to scan the hard drive, we found there’re a lot of bad sectors regularly distributed on the bitmap and the engineer said it’s mostly caused by weak heads. Read more →

Free DFL Common Firmware For DFL WD Users

Dolphin Data Lab is offering free WD hard drive firmware resources to all our users so that they can refurbish western digital hard drives with our DFL-FRP for WD for a much higher success.

When users purchase the DFL-FRP for WD from us, whether it’s the Western Digital standard version or advanced version, users will get one CD with our DFL customized western digital common firmware resources. Read more →

DFL-FRP for Seagate Is Now Upgraded Greatly To V1.4

Dolphin Data Lab feels proud to announce that our DFL-FRP for Seagate has had a major upgrade with many more new firmware repair functions to V1.4.

New functions added again on April 18:

01: LBA-CHS, it’s easy for users to find out the head locations of bad sectors like DFL-WD;
02: SYS file read/write by ATA ports are added

Let’s have a preview of the DFL-ST new functions: Read more →

DFL-DDP USB3.0 Is Upgraded To

After users upgraded the DFL-DDP USB3.0 firmware version to the latest version 1.4, Dolphin Data lab upgraded again the DDP software to version and this version of software matches well with the firmware version and make the data recovery more successful.

Within this version, users can clear NG more effectively,  users can select run selective head image for new 4kb drives such as the new Seagate 2TB, 3TB and even 4TB drives, when running disk image, users can select the 512 bytes or 4kb sectors. Read more →

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