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Dolphin Special Limtied Christmas Offer

Hello Friends,

Dolphin Data Lab has started its yearly Christmas offer for more people’s success with Dolphin data recovery tools.

Firstly, gift for everyone: Video On How To Have One Clear Data Recovery Mind

Dolphin Data Lab are offering a wide range of data recovery tools and solutions and within this limited time period.

Special offer time: Nov.17-December 31, 2014!

What are the special offer contents: Read more →

How To Recognize Hitachi IBM Families

Dolphin team are now teaching people how to recognize different families of Hitachi IBM hard drives.

Old Hitachi IBM Hard Drives.

Desktop Hard Drives:

HDx7250VLAT; HDx7250GL; HDx7210SL; HDx7225VLAT; HDx7216PL;
PLAT Read more →

Dolphin Data Lab Latest Work Report

Like what Dolphin Data Lab always do, Dolphin Data Lab never stop working hard to work out new data recovery solutions and new data recovery tools for fixing newer cases.

We feel it necessary to report our latest work process to our Dolphin users because Dolphin users are not only our customers, but more like our partners in the same boat, we grow together, customers win, Dolphin team win! Read more →

DFL-FRP For Hitachi Hard Drive Firmware Repair Manual Available

Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest Hitachi hard drive firmware repair manual with the latest program of our DFL-FRP for Hitachi. The following is the manual index and summary and we will send this detailed advanced manual to those who have bought this tool, if you have already Hitachi firmware repair tool, pls. send email to to request this manual for free. Read more →