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Undetected WD USB My Passport Hard Drive Data Recovery

Undetected WD USB my passport hard drive recovery is very common data recovery case appearing in many data recovery labs. To recover lost data from USB hard drives, DFL-URE is the ideal data recovery equipment for easy recovery.

This is one WD USB hard drive-My Passport data recovery case study shared by one Australia Dolphin user. Read more →

Contaminated Dead Hard Drive Data Recovery By Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

Contaminated dead hard drive data recovery is always one hot topic and hot potato for all data recovery engineers because data recovery engineers can charge a high price on these cases but the success rate is low and to get lost data from these dead hard drives is very time-consuming.

This case is shared by Dolphin Bangladesh sales and support center-Data Recovery Station and they have successfully recover the lost data from one very dirty contaminated hard drive using Dolphin data recovery tools. Read more →

DFL-SRP Seagate HDD Translator Fix Solutions

Seagate works in two modes: ATA mode and COM mode, DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Seagate can repair both old 7200.10 and before, and new Seagate F3 hard drives. Users can Edit model number, SN, remove password, repair bad sectors, repair firmware failures, etc with DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

This article is mainly introducing how to fix translator damaged Seagate hard drives by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool. Read more →

Diagnose Seagate Head Damaged Hard Drives By COM Port

To repair Seagate hard drives, DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Seagate is the best choice. To diagnose the Seagate damaged hard drives, the most important part is to find the failure reason.

To diagnose the Seagate hard drive by COM port is very important and basic for repairing Seagate hard drives. Today when the engineer connected one Seagate hard drive, the engineer opened the COM port and enter the COM terminal window, power on the hard drive, the terminal outputs the following messages: Read more →