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WD3200BVVT 1672 Perfect HDD Repair Process

The following is one complete hard drive auto refurbishing case study using DFL PCIe WD Auto repair tool. Users can find the whole process. This drive has weak heads and takes longer time to get it refurbished.

***  2.5 FamilyID Select: ***

01 = AZTEC_PL  02 = Aries     03 = BIGBEAR   04 = DENALI    05 = ESPRIT
06 = EUROPA    07 = EVEREST5  08 = EVERESTV  09 = EVEREST   10 = FIREBIRD
11 = HELIOS    12 = HUBBLE    13 = HUBBLELT  14 = JAM_4KV   15 = JAM_4K Read more →

Dolphin New WD 1640 Firmware Resources Available

WD 1640 Series Firmware are Uploaded to DFL Firmware Resources Center

In order to improve the success rate of hdd refurbishing and data recovery, Dolphin team are constantly preparing new firmware resources and upload them to the FTP resources center, and then all the users can directly download the firmware to fix the firmware failure cases. Read more →

Another Professional Live Demo by DFL India Sales and Support Center

As more and more Indian clients are expanding their business to data recovery, DFL India Sales and Support Center-Smart Computech is engaged in helping them find the quickest path with effective data recovery tools and continuing professional technique support. Read more →

Dolphin Releases Now New Hardware Upgrade Policy For Users’ Satisfaction

Dolphin Data Lab has already created the online DFL hardware destruction tool to help all Dolphin users who are still using the previous generation hardware. With this new online DFL hardware destruction tool, users don’t need to ship back the old hardware any more, users can save big both on time and shipping cost to get the latest DFL hardware for upgrade with the best performance. Read more →