Engineers From Over 130 Countries Are Using Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

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Dolphin Brazil Live Demo Within Fortaleza Estacio University

Dolphin Brazil sales and support center has offered live demo on All DFL data recovery tools including the latest DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one, DFL PCIe DRE-4x, DFL-URE USB3.0 and other Dolphin head and platter swap tools within Estacio University in the city of the Fortaleza.

Within the Dolphin data recovery tools live demo, many master degree candidates and some professors attendedĀ  and showed their strong interest and had learnt a lot of helpful knowledge which help in their data security and DLP research projects. Read more →

Dolphin Sydney Data Recovery Training Course May 2016

Dolphin Sydney data recovery training center has offered advanced data recovery training courses to the Dolphin users in Australia during May 16-20, 2016.

Starting with basic data recovery knowledge, the 2 attendees from Queensland quickly become proficient in diagnosing and using common firmware repairs with the DFL tools. Read more →

Dolphin Team Are Helping All Diligent Dolphin Users

Dolphin team are helping more and more for diligent Dolphin users to represent Dolphin latest data recovery technologies in the local data recovery market to offer professional and affordable data recovery services.

All verified data recovery service suppliers will be listed here.

All selected data recovery service suppliers are carefully selected. They usually have all Dolphin data recovery tools and they have used these tools for at least half one year and they know all tricks of how to use these tools for the best recovery success rate. Read more →

Notice On The Dolphin DHL Extra Shipping Cost

DHL shipping is one of the major shipping methods Dolphin Data Lab has been using for years and it enables fast and secured international shipping services to Dolphin users worldwide.

DHL has helped to ship Dolphin tools to over 130 countries successfully without delay and recently to some countries with high risks and some countries with limited shipment have added extra cost. Read more →