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DFL-FRP for Seagate Is Now Upgraded Greatly To V1.4

Dolphin Data Lab feels proud to announce that our DFL-FRP for Seagate has had a major upgrade with many more new firmware repair functions to V1.4.

Let’s have a preview of the DFL-ST new functions:

1, F3 Sys file list, read and write functions are added, this is to help fix some failures caused by sys files’ damage or missing, such as SIM Error 1009, etc; F3 sys file read by COM is added too.

2, F3 hdd track test function is added and users can test quickly if the track is readable or writable by COM port; Read more →

DFL-DDP USB3.0 Is Upgraded To

After users upgraded the DFL-DDP USB3.0 firmware version to the latest version 1.4, Dolphin Data lab upgraded again the DDP software to version and this version of software matches well with the firmware version and make the data recovery more successful.

Within this version, users can clear NG more effectively,  users can select run selective head image for new 4kb drives such as the new Seagate 2TB, 3TB and even 4TB drives, when running disk image, users can select the 512 bytes or 4kb sectors. Read more →

Dolphin Data Lab And It’s Indian Users

Dolphin Data Lab is always working hard to make all its users more successful and we have created more and more technique documents and case studies in our forum. All users with the corresponding permissions can access to get them for free.

In the recent months, Dolphin data recovery tools have become very popular in the Indian market, we set up not only our Indian data recovery training center, sales center and support center, we have also supported many Indian clients directly and there’re even some data recovery engineers coming to our head office in Chengdu to get the tools and discuss different techniques with Dolphin engineers. Read more →

Undetected ST500DM002 Data Recovery By DFL-DDP

When the hdd was received, we asked the client what happened to the hdd: the hdd doesn’t have physical damage or falling, but not detected, the pc with the hdd hanged after power on.

After entering the DDP com terminal, the hdd keeps busy.

After setting the COM and select the correct baud rate-38400, and ctrl+z, we couldn’t enter the F3 T> Read more →

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