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New WD Hard Drive Firmware Repair Program Is Available

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working out new functions for all our firmware repair and data recovery tools and today we are releasing this new version of setup program for our Western Digital hard drive firmware repair and password removal tool.

The latest version of WD firmware repair tool:

DFL-FRP for WD V2.61 and DFL-WDII V2.61 Read more →

Dolphin Data Recovery Tools Are Available In Indonesia

Dolphin Data Lab has entered the partnership with Dokter Harddisk in Indonesia and from now on, Dokter Harddisk will start offering the live demo, sales and possibly training at a later stage for Dolphin data recovery equipment.

Dolphin Data Lab put more focus on the research and development on new hdd refurbishing and data recovery solutions and new data recovery tools for different brands and types of hard drives and other storage medias and therefore, we are quickening the process of setting up more local support centers in countries worldwide. Read more →

New DFL-DDP USB3.0 V1.41 Is To Be Released

Dolphin Data Lab has optimized the DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment further and now is releasing the latest version-V1.41.

This new version is further software optimization with the following new changes:

1, Optimize the process to get the tool activated;

2, Optimize the ROM read of Seagate 7200.10;

3, Optimize the performance within Windows 8 OS (disable the digital signature to install the tool) Read more →

DFL-FRP For WD And DFL-WDII Are Upgraded To New V2.6

Dolphin Data Lab is again improving our Western Digital hard drive firmware repair tool-both the DFL-FRP hardware for WD and the DFL-WDII hardware.

The latest version: V2.6, July 16, 2014

Within this version, this firmware repair tool has the following new changes: Read more →