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Happy Dolphin Team For The Highest Level Of Data Recovery Tools

Dolphin team feel proud to say all our staffs are happily working hard for a higher success rate generated from our data recovery tools and a greater success from all our honored users.

We are happy Dolphins!

Most staffs in our company are engineers and our happy thing is each little progress within our research and development of new data recovery tools and solutions or even a fix to the bug reported from the user or even a simple new feature request met quickly to help with clients’ daily data recovery cases. Read more →

DFL-DE And DFL-DDP Data Recovery Tools New Upgrade

According to users’ feedback, we have had a quick fix to our DFL-DE USB2.0 and DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment within the following three functions:

1, Fix the bug of imaging USB drives connected to PC;
2, DMA abnormal read error was fixed after mounting the disks;
3, Optimize the running compatibility with the PC so that DDP works more stably. Read more →

DFL-FRP Seagate Firmware Repair Tool V1.43 Is Available

Dolphin Data Lab has again upgraded its Seagate Firmware Repair hardware tool-DFL-FRP for ST and the latest version is V1.43.

We have added many new Seagate hard drive firmware repair functions and optimized some existing functions so that users will enhance their success rate a lot.

Quick view of the latest changes within this new version:

1, New function of entering booting code to read/write ROM without short connection is added by COM port. This function is very helpful to save time and enhance success rate of Seagate firmware repair when the ROM write is required; Read more →

Seagate F3 ST500DM002 Bad Sector Repair

This was one case study of Seagate F3 hard drive refurbishing, to refurbish the hard drive means the client doesn’t need the data inside the drive, because the functions used in this case study will destroy the data.

So users must backup the firmware resources, must learn whether it’s to refurbish the hard drive or recover the data before operating on the hard drives.

The hard drive ID information is as below:

Model: ST500DM002-1BD142; Firmware version: KC43; Capacity: 500GB; Serial Number: 6VMXTPTB Read more →