Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of data recovery, many companies or individuals are opening their data recovery service . However, some of them are not a really data recovery company. They have few experience in this field and only can handle some simple data recovery tasks. Of course, the price for their service is always cheap, even half charge compared with some professional data recovery companies. But, do not kick the dilemma that penny wise and pound foolish.

It is very important for you to choose a right company to send your defective drives and your essential data. A careless choice is fatal mistake to your data. As you know, there are a great amounts of reasons for hard drive failure, and the symptom are various. A good knowledge on hard disk configuration and experience in data recovery is quite important to find out the real problem of hard drive and work out the proper solution.

With the consideration of intactness of your data, we would like to offer you some information about the professional data recovery. They have years experience in data recovery field and they can offer a good service to all the customers with the reasonable charge.

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For data recovery in Italy, the following data recovery providers are definitely worth your try:

D.R.S.It 001 Infolab Data

Infolab Data is an international company that deals exclusively Data Recovery


  • Recupero dati da Hard Disk Esterni Retrieving data from External Hard Disk
  • Recupero dati da Hard Disk per Desktop e PC portatili (Laptop) Recovering data from Hard Disk for Desktop PC and portable (Laptop)
  • Recupero dati NAS (es Iomega, Lacie, Intel) Data Recovery NAS (es Iomega, Lacie, Intel)
  • Recupero dati da Server e Sistemi RAID 0, 1 5, 10 Retrieving data from servers and systems RAID 0, 1 5, 10
  • Recupero dati da Sistemi Windows Retrieving data from Windows systems
  • Recupero dati da Sistemi Linux Retrieving data from Linux Systems
  • Recupero dati da Sistemi Apple/Mac Recovering data from systems Apple / M

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