Find the local best data recovery companies in Thailand which provides professional data recovery services at reasonable price.

From previous articles in Dolphin Data Lab, we have learned that there are many different hard disk failures we may face and delay our work and bring trouble. Hard disk failures like Firmware corruption, hard disk clicking,  severe bad sectors, burnt PCB, etc, these failures are not for you to recover the data at home. If these failures are just your cases, you must not do any more operations on your patient disks to make the data unrecoveryable, you need to find some trusted data recovery companies to diagnose your drives and recover the data for you.


The bad thing is that when you bring your disk to some data recovery companies, they magnify the failure and charge terribly high for your wanted data.

However, there are still some data recovery companies who charge reasonably, the most important is, they are equipped with professional data recovery tools and data recovery mind, they protect your patient drives from further damage and have a high successful rate of data recovery.

Video: Basic Knowledge of HDD Data Recovery