DFL-FRP is one hardware and software complex hdd firmware repair tool and right now it supports Seagate and Western Digital hard drive brands.

Before users can buy DFL-FRP software from us, users need to get our DFL-FRP hardware.

Functions of DFL-FRP software:

WD firmware repair part:

1, Firmware modules read/write/Edit;
2, SA read/write;
3, Tracks read/write;
4, ROM read/write;
5, Bad Sector Repair;
6, ARCO processing;
7, Selftest;
8, Common HDD Repair;
9, Password removal;
10, …

Seagate Firmware Repair Part:

1, Firmware repair  for 7200.10 and before;
2, Firmware repair for F3 drives;
3, Password removal;
4, Defects processing;
5, …

Users can email to us by sales@dolphindatalab.com after users get DFL-FRP hardware.