Dolphin Advanced Training Course is Not Available in Feb. Mar. and April 2020

Hello to all users, Dolphin advanced data recovery training will not be available in the coming 3 months-February, March and April 2020 due to the affection of the Wuhan pneumonia, a kind of new coronavirus attack.

Many cities of China have been fighting against this new virus attack which has a big health and life threat to all people and many travel restrictions are in effect.

For all Dolphin users worldwide, you are not suggested to come to China for data recovery training courses at this hard time until effective measures and solutions have been found to avoid the affection from the new coronavirus.

Dolphin team will create more technique support videos and documents so all Dolphin users will use the DFL tools more effectively.

Except the on-site advanced training courses, all others are not affected. Orders, shipment, support and all others will be going smoothly as usually. Dolphin team will keep all users updated once everything returns to normal status. Super thanks for all users’ support!