HDD Programmer is one important and necessary tool for hard drive test and repair and it is mainly used to read and write the data from the hard drive PCB ROM chip.

Price: USD45

For most HDD programmers, users need to solder the ROM chip off and put to the ROM chip holder and then use HDD programmer software to read the ROM chip contents or write correct ROM data to the ROM chip.

With this HDD programmer, users can use the Hard disk ROM chip pin readers: the blue pin reader is for bigger sized ROM chip and the red pin reader is for smaller sized ROM chip.

HDD programmer is one mini and USB flash programmer, users just simply connect the programmer console to pc by USB without connecting external power supply cable and users can use some shortcut keys to read and write rom simply.

What are included in this HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader Set when users receive the package?

01: USB cable;
02: Programmer hardware console;
03: Pin reader/Reading pins (Innovative reading solution), two pieces for two sizes of ROM chips;
04: Chip holders, two pieces, one for small sized ROM chip and the other for bigger sized ROM chip. This one is usually not used, few chips may need to be read by chip holder;
05: Shorting pin and wiring pcb…