How To Minimize Clean Room Data Recovery Cost By Hard Drive Head Keeper

As for clean room data recovery engineers, it’s not difficult to find one donor head and get successful physical data recovery, but the difficult thing is to increase the efficiency and control the cost.

Today Dolphin team will introduce one great hard drive head storage product-Hard Drive head keeper:

Hard Drive Head Keeper Pro. contains three keepers: 2.5″ slim hdd keeper, 2.5″ hdd keeper and 3.5″ hdd keeper.

In head swap cases, clean room data recovery engineers need to find one donor hard drive, open the hard drives, remove the donor heads and then put the donor heads to the patient hard drives to get the patient drives work. After the data is recovered by head swap, there will be two results: The head is damaged or the head is still good to use.

hard-drive-head-storage-box-1 hard-drive-head-storage-box-5

If the head is damaged, this one is easy, engineers can put the original damaged heads back to the patient drives and try the best to maintain the original patient hdd status and send back to the end clients and then throw away the damaged donor heads or keep them for records.

If the head is good, many clean room engineers select to spend time putting the heads back to the donor hdds, next time, when getting similar cases, the engineers can open the donor drives again and get the heads out again for head swap. This one is not wrong but the only problem is the increasing cost on getting donor heads and the higher end user price which will drive the clients away. Besides, the frequent hard drive head swap adds to very high risk of damaging the good heads and a lot of time is wasted too.

Hard Drive Head Keeper Pro.  is now manufactured and this is definitely amazing great news for all clean room data recovery engineers, engineers can use the heads for head swap and recover the lost data, and then remove the donor heads from patient hard drives and store them to the corresponding head keeper. Next time users can easily find the head structure, head number from the transparent head keeper, get the right donor heads and engineers will save so much time to get success in newer cases. Engineers can use the same donor heads to fix more similar head damaged cases.

Users can buy this hard drive head keeper pro here.