New Data Recovery Reseller Request from South Africa

Dolphin Data Lab has received many requests worldwide to be resellers of Dolphin firmware repair tools, data recovery tools, head replacement tools, unlock PCBs and hdd donor parts.

The following is one new reseller from South Africa:

“I would like to purchase DFL-URE and possibly work with you to become your reseller in the South African region.

We are a specialist IT Consultancy that have a great reputation throughout South Africa. We have been in the market for 15 years and partner with every major distributor and have clients in all sectors.

I would also like to test DFL-URE to see if it is as your videos show. how can we arrange this.”

Dolphin Data Lab will select the best data recovery tools reseller to be the local technique support and local data recovery training center and will list the reseller details on Dolphin official website.

If any other companies want to be Dolphin reseller, to sell Dolphin data recovery tools, to offer best data recovery services and even data recovery training courses, users are welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: