New Software Upgrade DFL All in One V1.770 is Available

After continuing test and adding new functions, Dolphin team are now releasing the latest software-DFL All in one v1.770. Many users have fixed many cases by the trial versions released for over one month and now we release all new functions to the all in one setup program for upgrade.

Within this version, users get the following new updates:

For Seagate:

1, Seagate Rosewood LM035/LM007 firmware operations improved and completed, users can easily unlock them and fix many cases quickly;
2, Seagate LM DWF common repair is added;
3, Seagate LM firmware modules read/write, ROM read/write, SYS read/write are added;
4, Seagate ROM read/write optimization on speed;
5, Seagate new method to read/write SYS by HDD Internal mode, we call it SYS mode(indirect ATA mode.)
6, Get more HDD parameters;
7, Optimize the program running performance and more stable to fix more faulty drives.

For WD:

1, Support new hdds with some special module directories;
2, Optimize the boot head configuration function, users can easily set boot head by 0 or head 1;

For Toshiba:

1, New IDE hdd unlock algorithm added;
2, New IDE families are added;
3, Optimize the function of cutting heads and zones;

For DDP data recovery program

1, HDD temperature monitor is added during disk image;
2, Log file rename bug has been fixed;
3, Optimize the algorithm to extract MOV fragment files;
4, Optimize the file extraction capability for FAT32 root directory;
5, Optimize some minor display issue and program becomes more user friendly.

Dolphin engineering team are preparing more new solutions to the program and Dolphin users will get it from the forum.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin skype ID: