DFL-IRWS Intelligent Data Recovery Workstation

DFL-IRWS Intelligent Data Recovery Workstation

DFL-IRWS Intelligent Data Recovery Workstation is the latest generation data recovery solution. Upgrading from data recovery software tool, data recovery hardware tool to this data recovery workstation, users get not only top-level data recovery hardware solutions, users get the hardware solutions integrated with one mini customized data recovery pc.

All users need to do is to install the operating system, Windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and then install the latest data recovery software from Dolphin Data Lab and then activate the workstation and next users can bring this workstation anywhere to offer high-success-rate data recovery service on call.

DFL-IRWS hardware details:

8 Inches touch screen
CPU: I5-6200U
Memory: 8GB
Integrated Graphics
HDMI Interface for connecting external monitor
Driver-free hardware design, no need to install drivers, super easy to use

Supported HDD Interfaces:

USB HDDs(Need to convert USB interface to SATA for firmware repair and data recovery)

Supported HDD File Systems:


Supported HDD Partition Types:

MBR, GPT, APM(Apple Partition MAP), LDM(LDM – Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disks) )

Please note: DFL IRWS software works within windows operating system but can recover patient HDDs with different file systems above.

Available Data Recovery Software Modules to Select:

DDP data recovery module: disk image, file extraction, common firmware repair/quick firmware repair solutions for common failures, VHD/VHDX set up and auto attach, selective head image, file image, data only image, lost partition auto search, etc.

Seagate firmware repair module: read/write/edit firmware modules, ROM, reset smart, remove password, unlock SED, Edit ID, repair undetected and busy Seagate HDDs due to firmware failures. Support Rosewood LM A5, 8C, AF(EB01), etc.

WD firmware repair module: Firmware and ROM backup, write and edit;  reset smart, remove password, regenerate rom and key modules, repair undetected and busy WD hdds, Support most WD Marvell L and ROYL series, support spyglass, palmer, charger families, etc.

Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair module: ROM read, firmware read/write, clear glist, virtual translator, reset smart, remove password, clear flash permanent cache, etc.

Hitachi/IBM firmware repair module: Read/write ROM, NVRAM, reset smart, remove password, edit ID, virtual translator, Edit head map in NVRAM, etc;

Samsung firmware repair module: ROM read/write, modules read/write, reset smart, remove password, fix LED error, clear A-list, etc.

RAID recovery addon: support Raid 0, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 1E, HP/Compaq Raid 5, JBOD for RAID reconstruction, auto analysis is available for Raid 0 and Raid 5;

Fragment recovery addon:

1, Sony MTS Video File Fragment Recovery;
2, Canon MOV Video File Fragment Recovery;
3, SQL Server MDF File Fragment Recovery.

Please note: Different selection of above software modules will be differently priced.

Software upgrade:

Two years’ free software upgrade

Technique support:

Two years’ free technique support, 5 free remote support each month in the first two years except holidays

Shipping Options:

Dolphin team adopts DHL express(fast and secured and usually 4 working days around on average to worldwide locations) as default shipping method, but if clients wish to use other shipping methods, please let us know.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab