WD HDD Refurbishing Training And Common Fw



WD HDD Refurbishing Training And Common Fw

This WD hard drive refurbishing document and common firmware resources are used by many experienced hard drive refurbishing companies which refurbishing hundreds of drives each day and they prove very efficient and effective.

Users just need to spend a small cost to get both the experience tips in PPT and the most important the valuable WD refurbishing firmware resources including the following:

C5 families:

Atlantis, Aquarius, Aries, CYPCYPRESS CYP, Denali, Dragon Fly1, Dragon Fly2, Dragon Fly3, Dragon Fly4, GKOGEKKO, HLKHULK HLK, Jamaica, Jamaica5, Kermit, Mariner, Mariner5, McKinley, MDRMIDORI, MRCMERCURY, MRSMARS, Pinnacle, Sadle_G6, Sequoia PMR, Sequoia_Zuma, STRStaging Rigel, Tahoe, Tahoe 2D, Tahoe_LT, Tahoe_PL, Tornado TOR, TornadoPMR T2R, Zepfyr

PCB families:

1714, 1698, 1675, 1672, 1642, 1640, 1624, 1609, 1590, 1574, 1572, 1567, 1552, 1537, 1499, 1477, 1450, 1444, 1335, etc.

Success rate of hard drive refurbishing is determined by knowledge, resource, hdd refurbishing tools, patience, etc. So users cannot simply depend on one factor.

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