Video Training: WD Black WD800JD Clicking Head Fix



Video Training: WD Black WD800JD Clicking Head Fix

This online training video and document introduces one unique data recovery solution for damaged WD black WD800JD clicking drives.

Within this online course, users can find detailed steps on how to get data off the heads without spending a lot of time to buy many donors and kill many donors only if the platters are not scratched. Severe platter scratches are still dead cases so far.

After users buy this course, users get both video and PPT files.

This is one common but difficult problem for all data recovery engineers to recover lost data from WD black Caviar hard drives.

This kind of drive has usually 1 platter and 2 heads, usually speaking, it can be easy but just because of this, it becomes difficult due to its special head design and the two heads have some offset angle. It’s very difficult to find one real donor hard drive for this patient.

Many times we find the donor hard drives with even the same label ID information, but after we put the donor heads onto the patient drive, the patient drives keep clicking. For this kind of drives, if working on them repeatedly without success, it’s easy to create scratches on the platters and making cases worse and even unrecoverable.

HDD ID used during the online data recovery training course:

WD Black