Real tested image speed is up to 6.8GB/min for 1TB hard drives and over 7GB/min for hard drives with higher capacity by DFL-Data Dr. Pro USB 3.0

DFL-Data Dr. Pro is one easy-to-use and universal data recovery equipment supporting data recovery from all hard disk drive brands, supporting data recovery from either faulty hard drives, good drives and even hard drives with the common hdd failures we meet often in the data recovery lab, supporting data recovery from file system of FAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFX, HFS+, exFAT and even VMFS5 and supporting hard drives of SATA, IDE and USB.

DFL-Data Dr. Pro is one smart data recovery equipment imaging and recovering data differently from hard drives with different levels of failures or bad sectors in either PIO mode or UDMA mode. It offers the users to repair common hdd corruptions by COM port command mode, offers the users to image faulty hard drives by selective heads, offers the users to image forward and reversely, offers the users to scan MFT and list files, offers the users with raw recovery mode or directory file listing and selective file recovery.

Users can mount the disk to the windows disk manager, view and edit the files by My Computer with any other data recovery software.