22 New Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Videos are Added to Data Recovery Training U-disk

Dolphin team have recently created more and more videos on how to fix Seagate busy hard drives, how to fix Seagate wrongly detected hard drives, how to fix Seagate undetected hard drives and here is a list of the video cases.

and now this list of firmware repair videos have been added to Dolphin unique data recovery training u-disk.

1, DFL New Function to Find out the Preamp Type Easily so that this will increase the success rate of Seagate F3 head swap;
2, How to Edit Head map in ROM to recover clicking Seagate Hard Drives;
3, How to add bad sectors to Plist for Seagate F3 hard drives;
4, How to backup Seagate Hard drive firmware modules and ROM;
5, How to Backup Seagate ROM without Power on the HDD;
6, How to Edit Seagate F3 Hard Drive Model and SN number;
7, How to Generate the Seagate F3 Adaptive ROM Easily with DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Tool;
8, How to modify the head working temperature to get the heads read and write more successfully;
9, How to Read and Write ROM by DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Tool;
10, How to Read and Write ROM for Seagate DM Series;
11, How to Recover lost Data from Seagate Scratched Hard Drives-Editing head map in RAM;
12, how-to-unlock-Seagate-f3-terminal-for-data-recovery;
13, Learn more about Seagate P-list Module and System File;
14, Seagate Bad Sector Repair by COM Online Scan and Add Defects to Plist;
15, Seagate Old Hard Drive Selective Head Image;
16, ST250DM000 busy undetected hdd data recovery case study;
17, ST1000DM003 No ID No F3T LED Error Data Recovery;
18, ST1000LM035 Rosewood Unlock and Firmware Operations;
19, ST1000LM035-Data-Recovery-Case-Study;
20, ST2000LM007 Rosewood Unlock and Firmware Operations;
21, ST3000DM001 Firmware Modules Backup;
22, ST3500418AS Seagate HDD Repair and Data Recovery Processing Steps

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